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Castle of Spirits was founded in 1997 by Rowena Gilbert, and quickly grew into one of the largest collections of true reader-submitted ghost stories the internet has to offer. Rowena sadly left this plane of existence in 2008, and Don Wilmshurst was appointed the new groundskeeper. Don kept the castle grounds spooky and the ghosts appeased for the next 14 years before passing the torch in 2022.

Meet the new ghostkeepers at the Castle of Spirits, Vince and Jane Font. 


Vince and Jane have been avid followers of the website for over 20 years and have enjoyed many dark, late-night hours poring over the archives of 4,600+ true paranormal stories, scaring the hell out of each other. They are honored to carry on the work started by Rowena all those years ago. Being handed the keys to the Castle is a dream come true, and they vow to keep the halls dark, the cobwebs plentiful, and the chains rattling, all while continuing to provide you with the best reader-submitted true paranormal stories on the internet!

Let’s get to know your new ghostkeepers, shall we?


Vince is a full-body apparition, an award-winning writer and publisher, and has been a lover of all things paranormal since birth. As a kid, he spent every moment he could watching The Twilight Zone and Count Gore’s Creature Feature, and was spellbound by films such as Night of the Living Dead and The Amityville Horror. Today, Vince enjoys leisurely strolls, a nice glass of pinot noir, and listening to old Art Bell Ghost-to-Ghost episodes while doing the dishes. He takes his new role as co-ghostkeeper very seriously and has begun wearing bedsheets over his head whenever he can get away with it.


Jane is a midnight wraith, artist and art teacher, and all ’round spooky chick. Her early horror influences include Stephen King novels read under the covers, sneaking horror movies after lights out, and devouring Unsolved Mysteries episodes by the dozen. Today, when she’s not painting spooky things, Jane can be found cuddling her black cat, Mr. Moon, reading ghost story/mystery novels, and retrofitting the walls of the Castle for continued habitation into the 21st century. She says her role as co-ghostkeeper feels like destiny, and she’s even considering changing her middle name to actually be Ghostkeeper.


On September 1st, 2022, we reopened story submissions for the first time in three years. Our sincerest hope is that we can once again fill the halls of the Castle with echoes and sighs and disembodied voices from the beyond. You can help us achieve that goal by submitting your own true paranormal stories!


Now, in the immortal words of Tangina Barrons, “Cross over, children! All are welcome! All welcome! Go into the [Castle]!”

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