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Before clicking the submit button, please read the following terms.

After years of lurking in the shadows, we are excited to announce that we are once again accepting submissions for your true paranormal stories! Have photo/video/EVP evidence to include? We want those, too! At this time, we aren't accepting photo/video/EVP-only submissions—tell us the whole story! We love whole stories.

In order to improve the chances that your story is accepted, we strongly recommend reading it over before submitting it to ensure it’s free of errors. If you’re not sure, consider running it through free software like Grammarly or Microsoft Word Editor. While you don’t have to be a professional author to get your story into the Castle of Spirits Library, we do expect all submissions to follow basic accepted grammatical rules. That includes using proper punctuation between sentences (such as periods) and proper capitalization. If your story is riddled with typos and incomplete sentences, it won’t be considered.

Make sure you can submit your story all in one piece rather than sending it in parts.


We will never share your last name or your email address. We do ask for your email, however, in case we, the Ghostkeepers at Castle of Spirits (CoS), would like to contact you for additional information or even to be interviewed. We promise that we will never give, sell, or trade your information to anyone else for any reason. Doing so would anger the spirits. You wouldn’t like the spirits when they’re angry.


Please give your story a compelling title! We’d hate for your story to get lost in the weeds with other stories titled “My Haunted House.” We may change your story title if it’s way too common. Just one of the many services we offer.


We may (very) lightly edit your story for obvious errors, but we promise not to make big changes. We want to hear the story in your voice. That’s what makes it special!

Please note that we may not publish every story submitted. Likewise, we may hold onto some stories to be published at a future date. Unfortunately, we can’t notify everyone when or if their story is published or declined.

We do not accept stories that have been previously published on other websites/videos/podcasts/etc.

For more info on submitting stories, check out our FAQ page.

By submitting to CoS, you warrant that the story, photos, videos, and/or audio clip have not been previously published, belongs to you, and that no one else can claim ownership. You also grant CoS permission to use your submission in website, print, audio, or video format with no compensation promised or implied. In turn, we warrant to you that we will always credit you by name and/or location if you so choose to provide that information.

Submit Your Story

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When uploading files, press "Submit Form" and wait for the upload button to change from grey to black. Please be patient while your files upload. Thank you!

Please ensure all required fields are completed before submitting.

Thank you for submitting your story!

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