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  • How do I submit my paranormal story?
    We're so glad you asked! Simply head over to the Submit Your Story page and fill out the form. Please make sure you read the terms fully before submitting! Also, please note that stories submitted through Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. will not be accepted. Only stories submitted through the Submit Your Story page will be considered.
  • I have an experience I'd like to submit, but I'm not a writer. Can I still submit it?
    Well of course!!! This isn't a website only for professional writers. This is a place where everyday folks like you and me can share our experiences with others who are also interested in the paranormal. Just tell us what happened in your own words/voice. Do, however, make sure that you give it a once-over before hitting "Submit" to be sure your story makes sense and is as free of errors as possible.
  • I don't have a story, but I have a photo/video/EVP that I'd like to submit.
    At this time we don't have a way to display only photos/videos/EVPs. That's not to say we never will, we just don't right now. We would love to see your media evidence, though! Please submit them through the Submit Your Story page and at least give us a good bit of background so we understand the context for your files. Media files without a story will probably not be published.
  • I submitted a story. When will it be published? Will you notify me?
    Thank you for submitting your paranormal story! Please note that not all submissions will be published. Likewise, we may hold onto your story and publish it at a later date. For example, if you submit a ghost story that happened on Christmas, we may hold your story and publish it closer to Christmas. Ya know, because themes! To increase your chances of having your story published, please ensure you read over the terms on the Submit Your Story page, and follow the guidelines there. Unfortunately, we can't notify everyone who submits a story whether or not their story will be published or when. Instead, keep your eye on our Ghost Stories page!
  • I have a paranormal story I'd like to share, but it's not about ghosts. Can I still share it?
    YES!! Look, we loooove ghosts. They rattle our chains! But we also loooove all of our paranormal friends (UFOs/cryptids/general strange things happening/timeslips/etc.). Let's hear it!
  • How can I get my story read on your podcast?
    Submit the best story you possibly can! We choose stories for the podcast based on their quality, content, and the opportunity for a damn good conversation that they provide us.
  • Can I submit a fiction piece?
    At this time, we're not accepting works of fiction. That doesn't mean we never will. I mean, at some point, we probably will! But right now, no. Please only submit your true paranormal stories. But keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram because we may put out a call for fiction sometime soon!
  • Can I use the stories on your website in my blog/YouTube/website/etc.?
    No. Absolutely not. These stories are copyrighted by us, Castle of Spirits, and by the people who submit them to us. For more information on this, please see our Terms of Use page.
  • Can I change something, add something to, or remove my story from your site?
    Absolutely! Please contact us and let us know what you need.
  • Can I just email you my story? Do I have to use the submit form?
    Please don't email us stories. The way our website works requires that you fill out the submissions form. Emailed stories would cause way too much work and confusion for everyone involved. Stories submitted through email will, unfortunately, be rejected. Please only submit through our Submit Your Story page.
  • I submitted a story to you and I found it published somewhere else. What do I do!?
    Contact us immediately! We will submit an internet DMCA complaint on both of our behalf and get it taken down. Likewise, if you find content on our website that belongs to you and you didn't submit it to us, please contact us immediately so we can resolve that issue.
  • I found an error/something broken/something acting weird (and not in a cool way) on your website.
    The Castle is very old and has changed hands over the years. With that, it's been built and rebuilt a couple of times. Sometimes in that process things get weird/broken/lost. Please contact us so we can fix it immediately! Also, please be very specific about what is wrong as well as include a link to the problem.
  • I have another question not covered here.
    Great! Contact us and let's chat!
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