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Iowa, USA
November 1999

Somewhere in Northern Iowa is an old cemetery. In this cemetery is an old tombstone with no name, just the inscription "Mother" on the top of it. It is buried in the back corner in a bunch of weeds. This woman's family was very poor & didn't have enough money to pay for a real burial plot. As the story goes, it was an early spring night when the ground had just thawed. Around the turn of the century. A young man went out to bury his mother who had just died from some unknown disease. What he was doing was against the law but he had no other way to give his mother a proper burial. The rest of the family was there. They made a strange sight, all standing in a circle each holding a small candle. They buried the mother in a small, handmade coffin. Inside, they put a candle, to help guide her (not lit). They quickly dug the hole for the coffin & tombstone. As soon as that was done, they said a short mass. They then covered the grave with prairie grass & as the cemetery was new, no one noticed the gravestone.

Then, about fifty years later in early March, someone was at the cemetery in the evening visiting a grave. They noticed a soft glow coming from the far corner of the graveyard. The person thought nothing of it & left. That night, this woman told her husband (we'll call him Harry) about the light. He said he would investigate. Harry then went to the graveyard the next day & looked around in the far corner that his wife had described. He found the tombstone & noticed small burn marks around the base of the stone. Harry stayed for the night & found that there was indeed a glow emanating from the corner of the graveyard but when he went to investigate, he found nothing. Nothing happened the next night or the next. Now, every year since that, if you go to this gravestone in early March. The small stone will glow at night. I myself have seen this stone. It also glows in late October around Halloween. This is said to be the woman's birthday.

Iowa, USA
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