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Ben, SA, Australia
February 2005

Back when I was a college student, I lived in a typical student share house. The house was a rambling old place with several bedrooms, a kitchen, two loungerooms and a bathroom.It was common knowledge that it was allegedly haunted by an old lady who had lived her entire life in the house and had died in my bedroom(lucky me!)

I was sharing the house with three girls and a guy and quite often late at night we could hear someone walking round the house checking that the doors were locked and the house was secure. Being fun loving students, we always assumed that it was another one of the housemates being funny but no one ever owned up to it. Someone suggested that it must be the ghost and that we should just let it be. From then on, whenever something strange happened, we put it down to "Nanna" as we christened her and tried hard to made her feel as welcome as possible.We set places for her at our drunken student dinners, made sure the house was locked and said good night before going to bed. Silly stuff really.

Our house and "Nanna" became quite well known at our University and all of us felt quite protective of her if we felt a visitor was making fun of her. We could still hear her doing her nightly checkup,but no one ever saw her.

The year ended and we decided that we should all head out for a night on the town to celebrate. Now as most guys will tell you, Girls always seem to take forever to get ready and it came as no surprise that they were still doing their hair as the taxi arrived and sounded its horn.

For some reason us guys were in the backyard having a beer and before we could get to the door the Taxi drove off. Obviously we were a bit annoyed at this and had a bit of a go at the girls for not being ready. About ten minutes later, we were on the phone to the cab company to order another cab when the doorbell rang. Opening the door we found a cab driver. We asked him if he had been to the house before and his answer still sends chills down my spine.
"I got here about ten minutes ago but the old lady at the door told me you weren't quite ready and asked me to return in 10-15 minutes"

You could hear the thud as collectively our jaws hit the floor.

We decided not to go out that night, instead the five of us sat in the main lounge and had a few drinks with "Nanna" to thank her for making us welcome in her home.

Ben, SA, Australia
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