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100 Year Old House

Heather, UT, USA
May 2001

I hope this story doesn't seem to ramble...Once I was a babysitter in an old house in Utah. You know how the legends of old houses go. But, being the "brave" sort of girl I was, I wasn't afraid. Many people had told me the house was haunted, but, I just laughed at them.

The first night I had occasion to sleep over, I awoke to the TV being off..(which I had left on) and the laundry room light being on. (which I had turned off) I thought my mind was working overtime, from all the stories I had heard. Well, about a half an hour after I awoke & noticed these things, the Mom came home. I questioned her and she replied, "didn't you know this house was haunted?" I laughed her off like I had everyone else..Well I guess whomever had lived there before didn't think this was so funny. I started to have numerous experiences there.

For one, I would make lunch for the kindergartner who lived there. Sometimes we would watch cartoons and eat lunch in the living room. The ghost did not like this. The kitchen cupboards would start slamming open and shut. I would literally have to say "I will clean up the mess when I am through eating lunch with Sallie!" Then it would stop. I would clean and think this was the last of the disturbances. Then, soon after, I started to see the boy (Martin) that I babysat for, in different rooms at the same time. I thought I was imagining things. This seemed to happen more frequently as time passed.

Finally, one night Martin woke up in hysterics. He saw a man at the foot of his bed. Sometimes he would freak out and tell me he saw 2 little girls playing in the kitchen floor. Of course I passed this off as the imagination of a young boy. day when I was sitting in the formal living room and I looked up the basement stairs. There stood a man in old overalls (olden looking) He seemed to look right through me. I was paralysed with fear. I asked Martin later the description of the man whom I had seen. He described the same man as I had seen, to the T!! I soon after quit babysitting for them, and will NEVER set foot there again. I was never a believer before...But I can honestly say that I believe now. Too many weird things have happened there.

Heather, UT, USA
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