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176 Wickham Road

Maureen Archer, Vic, Australia
September 2000

Not all ghosts are scary. Hi, my name is Maureen.
Just after we were married, Greg & I moved into a rented flat at 176 Wickham Rd Moorabbin, Vic. It was apparent from the start we were sharing our accommodation. The loungroom was where "he" mostly hung out, although the temperature didn't drop in the whole room, we could feel a breeze (or a cooler area) near us as "he" moved around the room.

For the 1st few months, whenever we came home at any given time of the day, one particular CD was always laying in the middle of the room or under the couch, on top of the CD Player or sitting on a chair. One day, as Greg lay on the floor reading the paper the same CD (Cold Chisel's Last Stand) flew out of the holder & hit him on the back. I know this is true as I watched it happen from across the room. We decided to play it. Seems this is what "he" wanted all along, as the CD stayed put after that.

Again, one summer evening as we sat in the loungeroom, we watched as a young man walked up our driveway, past the 2 loungeroom windows & approach the front door. Greg got up to answer the expected knock at the front door which didn't come. He opened the door to find no-one there so walked towards the driveway (there was nowhere else this man could have gone). No-one was about & not enough time had passed for him to disappear so quickly. We both sensed that this man had approached the door comfortably (not as a stranger or a visitor) it was as if it were his home.

Weeks later I saw the same young man, dressed the same (in an army jacket and jeans) at my back door bending down to pat my dog. He vanished as soon as I turned fully to look at him.

For 2 years he continued to make himself known to us in little ways, usually by moving small objects that seemed to interest him, ie: the CD, books, ornaments and so on. He never broke anything or caused any sense of fear or foreboding, it was kind of cool to have him around. If fact, when Greg was working nights it was a comfort to know I had a little company, albeit invisible.

So, as I mentioned in the beginning. Not all ghosts are scary. We have no doubt our ghost was real, no-one's imagination could move so much stuff around for so long. I wonder, did anyone else live at 176 Wickham Rd and have the same experience?.

Bye & thanks for taking the time to read this.

Maureen Archer, Vic, Australia
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