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1880's Building

NSW, Australia
January 2005

For the past three years I have lived in a very old building, which was built in the 1880s. I live above a florist in a busy street, and it had a strong paranormal presence for quite some time. The strange thing is that the paranormal events ceased after a very frightening event.

It was my sister which firstly witnessed odd things. The old flat has a stairway which use to lead down to the florist but is closed-off at the bottom. She told me that the door opened itself one evening and a jar rolled across the floor. A female laugh would also awaken her. A number of times she has spoken about the events and is happy to be away from the place.

My father is a well respected man, and stays at the flat at times. I would ask him if he heard the footsteps around the flat, and he would answer yes. He said it often woke him up, and made him feel nervous.

The florist use to tell me that footsteps would be heard around the flat when we were away. At times the electric door buzzer which announces when a customer enters the store would go off by itself, but this hasn't happened for a while now.

I use to hear the footsteps often, and even the bedroom door would vibrate from the stepping impact. I'm actually a very heavy sleeper, but would awake from hearing the footsteps.

What really scared me was being awaken by my own gasp, or shout. After I awoke I remember an outline of a person in my mind, and they were in a shadow, so I couldn't tell their gender. I truly think that the spirit was trying to enter me, but failed.

I don't hear any footsteps at night anymore, and either does my father, or the florist downstairs.

Bye, Alex

NSW, Australia
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