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Dee Tool, IL, USA
January 2002

It was the winter of 1978 and my family was moving into a new home (not new but new to us). We had been living in a small two bedroom country home for six years. But, with the additions of three more sisters we simply outgrew it. There were six of us girls altogether and one bathroom just didn't cut it.

Our new home was a large six bedroom two story old home that was originally built as a Children's home in the early 1900's. It was almost immediately that we realized that we were not alone. My Mom and Dad's room had what could only be described as a cold corner. It was always late at night and my parents would hear a rocking chair in that corner rocking back and forth, but there was no chair to be seen. Of course they didn't tell us girls about what they felt and heard in their room because we were already slightly frightened. It was a very old home and it made a lot of noises that we were not used to anyway.

It was Christmas and my older sister and I both got digital clock radios. Not the kind they have today but the kind that the numbers flipped over. It was a big deal, we loved them.

It started almost immediately after Christmas. We had lived there for about six weeks when I would awaken at precisely 2:53am every night for about two weeks. I would just go back to sleep. Until one night I was awoken at 2:53am and rolled over and opened my eyes, and I swear to God I saw a Ghost.

She was a woman with long blonde cascading hair, with a long white gown that sort of stopped and was just a fog around where her knees should be. I can only remember trying to scream but nothing would come out of my mouth. I remember putting my head under the covers and the next thing I knew it was morning.

My family still recalls the day I came down the stairs and told them of my ghostly encounter.

I know I truly think I saw an entity of some kind, I just wish I knew who or what it was. A few other things would happen over the next three or four years but no other visual sightings ever took place again.

At, times we would hear footsteps of kids playing upstairs but, the upstairs would be empty. The most common was that lights would go on or off for no reason. My dad would always blame it on old wiring. But, years later, since we have all grown and gone, he has admitted to thinking that there was a ghost in our home.

After four years I graduated and moved away. But, my parents and younger sisters stopped hearing noises and the lights no longer go on or off on their own. My Dad jokes today that we scared the ghosts away with all us girls.

Dee Tool, IL, USA
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