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2 Years

January 2001

Location: Taiwan

Time: 19 years ago

My father has been waiting for a long time for the house across our street to be on sale, but he was told that the owner of the house refused to sell the house even though the offer is higher than it's value. He would rent the house out but none of the tenants will stay more than 3 months.

One day, an old man was standing in front of the house looking at it and my father walked past him and said "Hi" to the old man. They started talking and the old man asked if my dad likes the house and he eagerly nodded. So the old man turned around and told my father, "If you could give me the down payment by Saturday, the house will be yours". It turned out the old man was the doctor that owned the house.

Dad immediately hired a bunch of workers to help him remodel some parts of the house. After the worker complained about some weird incident happen during the day, he decided to go over the our new house to do some work after he closed the clinic (around 10:00 PM).

When he stepped into the house, everything looked normal, so he started hammering. Just then he heard a lady voice told him, "You don't have work so hard remodeling this house, you and your family will only stay in this house for about 2 years." He finished up what he was doing and headed home and told my mom but not us.

When the time came for us to move in, my sisters and I were so happy to have our own room. But as we walked down the long and dark bedroom hallway, we all got a little bit scared but didn't know why.

My bed is directly located under the attic door and sometimes I can hear footsteps in the attic or dust will fall on my face. I told my dad about it and he said he would check it out for me. He poked his head into the attic and came down almost right away. He told me it was our neighbour walking the dog on the roof next door that's where the footstep noises were from (houses are connected in the area we lived). I didn't believe him one bit and kept quiet.

2 neighbours came to my father one day and told him they were interested in combining their land together to build a 9 stories apartment complex, since our house is in the middle, they would like my father to join them in this deal. Dad agreed and told us we may have to moved down the block while the apartment is being built. The time we stayed in that house is about 2 years.

When we finally moved away, my dad told us there was a lady that "lived" in the attic. When he went upstairs to check it out for me the lady was standing by the attic door staring down at my dad. What my father didn't know is that me and my sisters all have contact with the lady in some way.

One night when my little sister Sunny didn't go to sleep like my mom told her to, the lady appeared by the side of the bed and held Sunny by her hand and told her "little girl, you better go to sleep now or I will bite you" and she open her mouth and pretended that she was going to bite her. Sunny was confused and a little bit scared so she went to sleep right away. My stepgrandmother never liked to stay in my room when she came for a visit and she wouldn't tell my dad why until we moved away. She said that a black shadow will always appear on top of her chest and crushed her so that she couldn't breath and had nightmares night after night.

That never happened to me. As a matter of fact, one time when I was having a high fever and thought I was going to die, she whispered voices in my head to comfort me and told me to turned on the radio so I will have something funny to listened to. That night I heard a broadcast that can never been picked up before by my little toy radio.

She will also play tricks with our visitors. If the visitor is left alone in the room, she will make the footstep sound and made the visitor thought someone was coming down the stairs, when they tried to use the phone, she would make the phone line dead.

Dad also told us that all the previous tenants moved away because the lights would turn on and off by themselves and the windows would opened back and forth without anybody touching them, strange noises could be heard through out the house, that's why the tenants all got scared away. Dad also told us that the house used to be a restaurant and the dancers used to sleep in the attic.

After they finished building the apartment and we moved back in, she is nowhere to be found. We still talked about her sometimes and wonder where she went.

Thank you for reading my story.

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