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3 AM

Meg, IL, USA
June 2009

Last night I had a rather weird experience when trying to go to sleep. I am someone who is a moderate believer of ghosts. I have never seen one, but I believe there is something in my basement.

This is unrelated to my story but when I go down there to do laundry, I hear movement and whistling.

Anyway, last night I was lying in bed and I heard the word, "Hey" it seemed to come from in front of my face and from the back of my head but I can't describe how it sounded. It wasn't whispered and it wasn't quiet and I don't think it would have been heard by anyone else. At first it seemed I might be sleeping so I tried to ignore it but then I felt tapping on my back and the back of my head. I sat straight up but saw nothing. I lay back down and was trying to get comfortable when I heard a woman clear her throat. I tried to ignore it but then I heard some other tapping on the wall.

I examined the room again but saw nothing. The next time I tried to go back to sleep I felt a hand on my neck, it was pressing down and it was uncomfortable. I finally fell asleep. In the morning I felt like death and now as I'm writing this I have a really bad headache.

Meg, IL, USA
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