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37 Devils

Stephanie, Indiana, USA
October 1999


A few years ago I had this dream. I was in a room full of people crying. I saw a casket up at the front of the room and I began to slowly walk toward it. I saw everything very clearly: types of flowers, type of casket, arrangement of furniture, etc. When I reached the casket, I looked it was my great grandmother, whom I was very close to. About 3 hours later, my mother came into my room and told me that she had just gotten a call from her mother. Before she said anything, I said, "Grandmother Maudie is dead". She looked at me in total disbelief and asked me how I knew, so I told her about my dream. When I arrived at the showing, everything was exactly as it had been in my dream. After the funeral, I began to have different dreams. In the dreams I would be in this place that was completely blue, all different shades. Also in those dreams my great grandmother was there. We would talk all about what was going on in my life and she would always tell me that she missed me and loved me in those dreams. These dreams continued for several months after her passing.

One day, I mentioned these dreams to my mother...I didn't explain them at all, I just said that I had them. She said that she too had had dreams about grandmother. So, we decided to each write down the details of our dreams and compare. There were EXACTLY the same! Did my great-grandmother continue to visit and check up on us after her death?

I guess I will always wonder if that's what it was......we still have those dreams, only they happen less frequently..maybe 2 or 3 times a year. But what I choose to believe is that grandmother came to us in those first few months to help me and my mother cope with her death and let us know that she was still with us, watching us and helping us along.

Stephanie, Indiana, USA
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