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5th Grade Believer

Katherine, MI, USA
June 2001

I always thought that ghost stories were interesting but I knew I would be afraid if I saw a ghost in person. Little did I know that I would soon figure out how I would really react!

I was in fifth grade (I'm 19 now) and I was with my friend Kristina. Kristina went to her mom's boyfriend's house after school everyday, and on this particular day, I went with her.

Her mom's boyfriend (I don't remember his name, so I'll call him Ron) was really old (in my opinion), right around 55 or so, and her mom was 38. Ron owned a ceramics shop, and Kristina and I would paint ceramics after school.

We were about to start painting our ceramics when I realized that I didn't have a palette for my colours. I went into Ron's house, which was attached to his ceramics shop, and grabbed a Tupperware lid for my paint.

Well, to get into the kitchen, I had to bypass his bedroom. I saw this human figure lying under the covers. I didn't think anything of it, and when I went back to the shop, I asked Kristina who was in Ron's room. She said no one, and I told her I saw someone. We went and told Ron, and he told me that no one was in the house. I persisted, telling him that I saw someone lying on the right side of his bed, under the covers. He looked at me and said that his previous wife had died (I think she had cancer or something) on the right side of his bed and I must have seen her ghost. It didn't even faze me at the time, but looking back, I know I saw a ghost!

Katherine, MI, USA
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