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A 'Burning' Feeling

Susan Rissel, PA, USA
June 2004

Alittle over two years ago, my husband and I rented an old farm house and surrounding land to call our home. Within the first couple of weeks, we would realize we also rented occupied premises!

Where we live, we are allowed to burn our garbage in our yard via a burn barrel. The first night my husband used it started out okay. He was outside getting it going while I was in our bedroom reading. For some reason I decided to put down my book and look out the window to check on him.

At first I thought he was okay, then a very weird feeling came over me. I felt a very, very intense glare coming from one end of the yard, and it was directed at my husband. As I looked in the direction I felt this from, the fire in the burn barrel reached up and caught a branch of a nearby tree on fire. I quickly looked back and my husband managed to get it out. I then watched him a while longer until I couldn't bare the feeling I was getting and then went back to my book.

My husband came inside a few minutes later. I told him I saw the tree catch on fire, and then he told me something I couldn't believe. He said that while he was out there, right before the branch caught on fire, he got the most powerful burning sensation that something from that end of the yard (at this he pointed to the same end of the yard I had felt the glare from). He described it as a 'burning' glare that saw straight into his heart and then right through him. It unnerved him so much that he came in right away. It was truly an evil glare. He was astounded when I then told him what I had experienced inside the house.

To make things more interesting, when my best friend came to visit about 7 months later, she too felt like something was glaring at her from the same direction. And we had not even told her about our experience yet.

To this day, even though we have 'conditioned' ourselves to it, we still feel an intense glare from the same corner of the yard at times.

Susan Rissel, PA, USA
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