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A Bed with a Beating

R. M., Washington, USA
January 1997

It was about 4 years ago when this happened to me, I was about 10 at the time,and I had just got bunk beds from some friends of the family. Once I got the bed home, I had my Dad place it in the center of my room, I'm not sure why but that's where I wanted it. One night, about a month after I had received the bed, someone or something was punching me in my back, not a friendly tap, but it was as if someone was punching me or throwing a ball at my back. I freaked out, and turned to see what was doing it, but there was no one there. After that I went and slept in the living room.

A few nights later I decided to go back to my bed, and the hitting happened again, but this time, I had a dream. And there was this man in white in it who had white hair and red glowing eyes, and he was throwing a ball at me, sorta like we were playing tennis, every time he threw the ball I missed hitting it, it would hit me, and I would feel it as thought some one was right there punching me in the back. I then started hitting the ball back in my dream,and the ball would hit him,and after a while I guess I won the match because the man (if he was really a man) just disappeared. After that I had no strange experiences while sleeping in that bed, but I still had a feeling that he would come back, so I gave the bed back to the people I got it from.

R. M., Washington, USA
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