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A Brisbane Haunting

Jenny Taylor, Queensland, Australia
October 2008

I have always loved a good ghost story and always been in tune with my spiritual side. Growing up I thought it would be fun to live in a haunted house, I now do not think this way anymore.

I moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast for work reasons, I moved into a three bedroom house which was built in the 1930's with two other girls. When I was younger myself and my identical twin sister would talk everyday about the spirits surrounded by a blue aura that would come to visit us, as we grew older the visits became fewer then became none this suited me fine as I always had a problem with it.

My new comfortable old Brisbane house, felt instantly like home until a few weeks into living there, every night I constantly woke up to a small mass of black shadow going around my room and under my bed, every night I would wake up and turn my light on thinking it was my housemates black cat, I sought guidance from a medium that I worked with into what the black mass could possibly be, he said it sounded like a negative energy, after this I asked my housemate, who had lived in the house for a year prior to me moving in if she knew anything about it, She said the girl the occupied that bedroom was always physically abused in that room, that day I got some sage and burnt it into the high tops and corners of the ceiling.

Nothing major really happened until around exactly a year later. I was cleaning the shower while the music was blasting from the lounge room, as I was scrubbing the bath out I looked up into the old hallway and saw an old lady with an old fashioned white dress on, I freaked out and hit my head on glass I looked back up and there was no there, and the girls were both at work.

A couple of nights later I woke up at around three am , to a little blonde headed blue eyed boy sitting and glaring at me on the side of my bed. In the morning when I got up I told this to my two housemates I said for some reason to one of my housemates I thought it was her nephew seven year old Jack (who is alive). Other things started happening such as the fire alarm just going off in the middle of the night, the bread moving on the kitchen bench, it came to the time when all three of us had to sleep in the same bed.

We had enough and decided to hire a psychic, when the psychic came over she stated that is was a very good house and very good energy , she stated that there is a lovely energy in the house taking form in an old women dressed in old period clothing who dances the hallways, she then went to my room and said who is the young boy at first I said I have no idea, then she said he has blonde hair and blue eyes, I realized it was the boy I had seen, she touched the part of my bed where he sat, his name is Jack and he is seven, he died a long time ago in this room from tuberculosis and loves the lights to be on I started crying and shaking. She went on to say that there was a vortex in the dining room and this is how the old lady came to be here.

I slept with my light on every night for two months, one day when I got home from work all my toy cars had been flipped over I couldn't handle it anymore and decided to move out. After I had moved everything thing out of my room I turned the light switch on once more to collect one more thing , as I flick the light switch the bulb blew up and shattered across the room with a small flame hitting the floor I stood on it not even getting what needed to be collected and left the house, I moved back to the Sunshine Coast having to drive to Brisbane everyday for work, I really don't mind though

Jenny Taylor, Queensland, Australia
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