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A Brush With A Ghost

Sarah Long, Berkshire, UK
September 2003

First of all this story isn't that scary, well it wasn't scary when it happened to me, which is odd considering I would jump at my own shadow. This happened in my boyfriend's house, about a year ago. His house is an old Victorian house which both him and his sister have said they find a bit spooky at times.

It was about 7.30pm and it was autumn going into winter and I was upstairs with my boyfriend. We were getting ready to go to the cinema whilst my brother and my boyfriend's sister were downstairs getting ready to watch a video that night. Just for the record they are not a couple by the way, just friends. Anyway, for some reason I had to go and get something from the bathroom which is at the other end of the hall from my boyfriend's bedroom. The hall light was off but I wasn't bothered because I'd been there so many times. As I was walking back from the bathroom I felt something brush past me as if someone had walked or ran straight past me towards the staircase. I didn't feel scared at all and just presumed I was imagining things so I didn't mention it to my boyfriend.

About two minutes later my brother and boyfriend's sister called up to us to ask if someone had just come down the stairs, to which we obviously replied that we hadn't. Remembering what I had felt in the hall I asked them why they had thought that and they said that they had heard someone run down the stairs. The stairs are completely wooden with no carpet so you can always hear people going up and down them. The reason they had come to ask us about it was that they had heard someone coming down the stairs but not any further (the downstairs hall is also wooden) and also after checking downstairs they found no-one there. We just laughed it off and said they must have been imagining things. I didn't tell them what I had felt upstairs as we were going out to leave them to watch a scary film and I didn't think they'd appreciate the idea that there may be another presense in the house.

Anyway, that was it. I told you it wasn't that scary, however, since I scare easy it still puzzles me to this day why I was not in the least bit frightened at the thought of there being a ghost in the house.

Earlier I said that my boyfriend and his sister have also found the house a bit spooky. Once his sister told me that a few years ago she was lying on her bed and there was no- one else in the house when she heard a massive thumping sound of someone or something coming up the stairs and approaching her bedroom, however she hid under the covers and eventually fell asleep. She told me this was true but sometimes I think that maybe she had been dreaming and didn't realise it but you never know. Also my boyfriend told me that when he was young, about 5 or 6, he saw a small figure enter his bedroom late at night dressed in a cloak. He too hid under the covers for a bit and when he looked again it had gone. The strange thing about this is that he told his parents about it and they told him that his older brother, who used to sleep in that room, told them a few years ago that he saw something similar but they hadn't told my boyfriend because they thought he might have got scared.

He still sleeps in that room and says that even now he gets a bit spooked sometimes at night. When I stay over with him I don't feel scared which again is odd because the thought ghosts scare me.

Anyway that's all. Hope you enjoyed what I had to say.

Sarah Long, Berkshire, UK
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