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A Brush With Aswang

Chris, South Carolina, USA
March 1998

This happened to my aunt about a couple of years ago.. Im from the Philippines and I've lived here most of my life. Back home we have a strong belief in the "supernatural". We also have what we call "Aswang".. To make it short, it is a apparition that has an appetite for pregnant women's future children.

One night my Aunty back home had had a long day with work. She was about 7 or so months pregnant and already showing. She decided to take a nap downstairs and had left the window open as it was a hot day. While she was asleep she started to dream. In her dream she saw a large white dog pop through the window. As she saw the dog in her dream, it came close to her as she slept. And then all of a sudden turned into Aswang!! It started to sniff around her stomach and lick its lips. Then all of a sudden there is a noise in her dream. The Aswang quickly retreats and turns back into the dog. Right at that point my Aunt wakes up for real. And just then she sees a large white dog jump out the window. To this day she swears that all the events that happened happened for real and that the noise was a sound from her guardian angel scaring the Aswang away. I for one believe her.

Chris, South Carolina, USA
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