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A Child's Laugh

Alexis, Idaho, USA
March 2007

It all started on a Saturday. My mother was in the kitchen washing dishes, while my brother and I were upstairs watching television. Suddenly, we heard my mother yell for my brother. We thought something was wrong because her voice was full of fear. We ran down the stairs, and into the kitchen as fast as we could. We found her looking at the ground at a block of cheese. My brother and I just looked at each other. We asked her what was wrong, and the response we got gave us chills.

While she was in the kitchen washing the dishes, she was startled by a "thump". She looked behind her thinking that my brother and I were throwing things at her. But nothing was there. She looked at the ground behind her, and there, lay a block of cheese. The cheese that she had placed on the counter across the room.

That night we all decided to sleep on the couch, because it was too hot upstairs. My mom and brother shared the big couch that faced the window, while I slept on the little couch that faced the stairs. When we were all half asleep we were suddenly startled by a loud thumping that came from the stairs. We all thought we had seen a small figure running down the stairs. None of us could sleep that night, we were all afraid of what it was. Then, making us more scared, our cat Kitty, was hissing at the front of the couch that I was on. I got so scared, that I got up screaming and ran to the big couch with my mom and brother. In the morning, we all decided that it was probably the cat that was making all the noise. But what happened next was something that we couldn't ignore.

My brother was up in his room, playing a video game on a banana chair, suddenly someone, or something pulled the chair back with him nearly falling backwards. He got up and ran out into the hall and to my room where he found me. He started to yell and call me names, then saying that I pulled the chair back! I got scared and told him that I didn't, I even swore on my fathers grave that I didn't do anything to him. I finally convinced him, but I had almost wished I hadn't. We knew something was in the house.

That night we all slept on the couches again, this time, we all heard my brothers bedroom door slamming over and over. This lasted for about 2 minutes. Finally it stopped, that's when we heard a child's laugh. We weren't certain, but it sounded like a boy. After that night, the little boy never came back, but sometimes, in the middle of the night, you can hear a child laughing. It always sounds like its coming from my brothers room.

We still live in the house, and we still hear a child's laugh every once in a while, but we've grown used to it. My mother thinks that its our four year old cousin that had died that was very close to my brother. I think that its a little boy that had lived in the house before.

Alexis, Idaho, USA
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