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A Christmas Décor

Amethyst, Manila, Philippines
December 2003

This happened on November 18, 2003 just a few days ago.

My friends and I were always in charge of the Christmas decors in our office because we really take time in designing everything from scratch, we don't buy the ready made decors, we design our own wreaths, garlands and such.

We have been wanting to put up our finished decors but we wanted to do them after office hours so our nosey office mates wouldn't be in the way so we decided to stay behind and decorate our office. There were five of us, Nity, Tan, Yam, Arni, and me.

We were so relieved to have finished a particular d?cor for we really made it from scratch, we formed the Happy Holidays letter from dry grass and put them on sinamay or Christmas lace (try bending 3 feet dry grass with a flimsy cutter that five people have to share and wires to hold them down!)

The three of us were on the second floor decorating while Nity and Tan were at the stairwell putting up the Happy Holidays decor. All the time we were decorating, I could see someone in the corner of my eye, but dismissed it to fatigue and overactive imagination.

Nity and Tan were so proud to have put up the d?cor by themselves at a good height taking in consideration they were the smallest in all five of us. Nity left first because she had an appointment at 6:30. So only four of us were left to do the other decors. One of the managers checked on us and left us the keys to the building and reminded us to lock everything before we left.

At about seven we were getting hungry so we decided to get some food downstairs, but I first checked with the guard at the parking lot to make sure that the manager who left us the keys have left (he's very strict and really doesn't approve of anyone staying behind after 5:30). The guard confirmed that he had gone home so Tan and I went downstairs to get some food. I saw how they have put up the Happy Holidays decor, I thought how dull it looked, Tan said it's hard to put anymore garnishing because it may fall off. So we went downstairs got some chips went back upstairs and again saw the Happy Holidays decor still dull as ever. After snacking we commenced decorating. The feeling of someone watching heightened on me, I was getting more nervous, especially when I saw a woman peering at me from a door! It was then when Arni asked about the Happy Holidays decor and wanted to see it, so she went to the stairwell , came back after a few seconds with a disappointed look on her face. "You haven't put it up? You just rolled it to a corner."

I looked at her for a long time and thought she was kidding and I said "Did it fell of already?" (we used duct tape).

So me and Arni went back to the stairwell and I froze when I saw that only the traces of the tape was outlined on the wall and my eyes fell on something in a corner. It was the Happy Holidays decor, all rolled up carelessly in a corner as if someone took it off the wall and threw it there.

I thought at once that "they" didn't like it, we called the guard at the parking lot right away and asked if anyone had come in after the manager left, he said no one but us were in the building. Yam took no care on our discovery but the three of us were scared and worked fast to get out of there, especially when I felt a cool breeze brush by me, and all the while Arni felt chills and goosebumps, saying as if there was something very cold behind her. We still finished the decors (foolish aren't we) though we were feeling something watch us.

In the morning we asked the guards if any of them went inside to check on us, they all said no, besides they weren't allowed inside the building. So who took the d?cor off? It couldn't have been the manager who gave us the keys because after he left, Tan and I went downstairs and I myself saw that the d?cor was firmly on the wall, if it fell due to lack of stickiness why was it all rolled up in a corner? As in rolled up! We know how delicate the d?cor is and none of us would manhandle it like that.

One day after that, my friends again stayed behind after office, I couldn't join them because I had to cook dinner for my dad, in the morning Arni told me that they heard voices, of people talking in the building, but there was no one there! Then she distinctly heard someone breath on her ear and someone pushed her chair gently away from what she was doing!

The decors are all put up now in our building, but the problem is, we have to decorate the rooftop where the Christmas party is going to be held. Anyone of you want to help put it up?

Amethyst, Manila, Philippines
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