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A Demonic Experience

Indiana, USA
June 1999

What you are about to read is absolutely TRUE. This happened to my dad's friend. The weak hearted should turn back now.

When my father's friend was in high school, he was doing a report on witchcraft and the occult. He had rented many books on the subject. Then one night, he woke up and heard water running in the bathroom next to his room (his room was in the basement). He got up and checked. As soon as he stepped into the bathroom, the water stopped and there was no one in there.

Things like this happened every night, like footsteps going down the stairs, whispers coming from the shadows of his room, and tapping sounds coming from inside the wall. Then one morning, he awoke to the sound of his mother yelling down to him, telling him to get up for breakfast. When he tried to get up, he couldn't move! He started to get really scared and struggled very hard but he absolutely could not move at all! His mom started to get mad and started going down the stairs. As soon as she got into his room, he could move again. He got very concerned, and went to a psychic. Right when he walked into the psychic's clinic, she looked up and said,"You have a black aura." She also said that he would meet someone in black, and this person would be very evil. So when he got home, he said a prayer and put on a necklace with crucifix on it. Later on, he went to the mall with his girlfriend. He waited outside of the bathroom as she used it. As he was leaning against the railing, he noticed an old woman in a black shroud coming toward him. She was hunched over and carrying a twisted cane. She looked up at him and when she saw the crucifix, she let out quiet shriek, and turned and walked away. After that, he got rid of all of the books and went on with his life.

Indiana, USA
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