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A Disturbing Night

Shane Dover, Victoria, Australia
February 2008

When I was on camp at Phillip Island in year 6 for three days something was there with me and my class in our cabin. Just to tell you I had no camera or recorder, but I wish I did.

On the third and last night of the camp I and a few others of my class settled down to sleep in our own cabin. This cabin was pretty big and had five rooms; there was a big one in the middle that led to four bedrooms. We had one teacher in our room also. Late at night around 10 o'clock one of my classmates walked out of his room and told each room at a time that the teacher wasn't there. Now I had kept my eyes open to listen to the wind and to watch the shadows, and no one had left or entered the cabin. This was the first of many experiences that night.

Then the same boy who had told us that the teacher was gone came and asked us if there was a lump on his back and sure enough on his back was a giant red lump, far bigger than any mosquito or spider could make. He said it itched. A few minutes later one of my roommates threw of his sheets and looked at his legs while scratching them. On his legs were big red rashes. He had a glow stick on his bed and it had leaked for no real reason, but it had hardly touched him at all, and no glow stick could make a rash that fast or that big, they stretched from the top of his leg down to his ankle. Then another boy ran in and urged us to come and see what he had found.

Under one of the beds on the wall was writing in black pen or marker. It read "This place is haunted, 2004, 2005, 2006." It was 2006, and we all got more uneasy.

We all were back in bed and I was drifting off to sleep, when in one of the windows in my room I saw a black cat pass over, it seemed to be inside and disappear in shadows when it got to the side of the window, so I thought it was a stray outside, remember this cat until the end. Then the loudspeaker right over my head turned on and a man called all year tens to come to the oval, this scared me out of my skin! Finally we all went to sleep and woke up the next day all eager to get the hell out of there! Everyone packed and while everyone including me was out side except for one of my best friends who was still packing, the cat showed itself again. He said that he saw a cat in the corner of his bathroom that was made with shadow, he looked around quickly and it had no culprit who cast the shadow, it was a lone shadow. A ghost. He packed faster than he had ever done before and ran outside. We all were glad to leave that night and that place behind us.

Shane Dover, Victoria, Australia
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