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A Dog Haunting

Lorna, TX, USA
July 2001

Can a house be haunted by a dog? Before you laugh at my question, I urge you to read my story.

It all started when my family and I moved into a very old, but nicely kept house. At first everything seemed normal, but it soon took a turn for the worst when my cousin came to live with us.

This next part is what happened according to her.

She was sleeping in the couch one night when she was awakened by a cold chill. When she woke up she noticed her blanket was on the floor. As she bent down to pick it up she noticed two sets of big black paws at the corner of her blanket. When she glanced up to see what it was, she saw this huge black dog staring at her. The scary part was the color of its eyes, they were glowing red.

This happened on the first day she moved in. As the days passed I began hearing a faint but recognizable growl in the distance. It wasn't too scary but day by day the growling would become louder and louder, until one day I could of sworn it was in my room!

I was so scared I refused to sleep in my room by myself. My cousin offered to sleep on the floor of my room, I thought by her doing that I would be safe.

Weeks passed without incident until one day when my aunt came to visit. I was showing her around the house when she suddenly replied "I didn't know you guys got a dog?" "What do you mean "I said. She told me that she saw a big black dog in our backyard. I totally freaked out.

But I would have to say the worst incident happened with my little brother. He was sick so my mom moved him into my room so she could be closer to him. I was awakened late at night by the most horrible screams I have ever heard. As I realised my brother was screaming, I got up to check on him, He was not in his side of the bed.

The screams were coming from the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen only to discover my brother lying down on the floor sobbing. As he calmed down he told me he was dragged out of his bed by some unseen force. All he could here was the sounds of growling and all he could see were a pair of red eyes.

Needless to say we moved out soon afterwards. But I wonder was the house really haunted by a dog, none of my neighbors or previous owners had dogs. So where did it come from?

Lorna, TX, USA
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