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A Drowned Love

Amy, Mississippi, USA
July 2005

I just bought 20 acres of nice land and we got it for very cheap. The Old man wouldn't tell us why it was so cheap, he just shook his head and said "please don't ask". So we took it on upon ourselves to find out.

We went to the local library and looked though the old newspapers. And then we came across a story that made our skin crawl. It Read:

"Local Teenagers found Dead in woods of a 20 acre plot".
The paper was dated 1942. My girlfriend and I went on to read that apparently two girls were swimming in one of the large ponds there is on the land and one of the girls (we will call her Lauren) got caught up in the net that Jamie's (the other girl) father was useing to drag the pond of any catfish. Well Jamie tried to get Lauren untangled from the net but it was to late. Lauren had drowned. Heartbroken that her drunken father had not heard her screaming Jamie walked into the woods, leaned against a tree and shot herself in the head.
No one could understand why Jamie did this, but as investigations later proved, the two girls were lovers.

We sat there in silence for a minute and then I started flipping through the pages agian and I found another article, it read:
"Two more Local Teenagers Found dead in woods on 20 acre plot".

It seems that a teenage boy and his girlfriend were found dead in the woods. They had died of fright. No one knows what they saw except it scared the hell out of them. Then I later read that a second teenage couple had been found dead, they also had died of fright.

After reading that we drove out to the land and camped out close to the woods to see if we could see anything. About 2:00am we heard crying, shortly followed by a gun shot. My girlfriend and I jumped up and looked into the deep woods, all we heard was the loud crackling of the fire. Then out of the blue a figure of a girl stood on the edge of the woods. I felt the hair rise on on the back of my neck, for we were only 15 feet away. Then a smile came across the girls face as she turned and walked back into the woods.

As the nights passed we didn't see her, we even walked in the woods together at night.
Then a month later on the 18th we saw her again. We heard crying then a gun shot and then we saw her at the edge of the woods. This happened every month on the 18th. Then one night we invited my cousin and his girlfriend to come witness it. It happened like it normally did except this time the girls eyes turned red when she saw my cousin and his girlfriend. She stared towards them and they ran to his car and sped of. Then she turned to us. I stood my ground. Her eyes were now blue again as she pointed to our hand holding. Then she smiled and turned and walked back into the woods. But this time she stopped and pointed to the right of her where another figure of a girl appeared. They walked towards each other and hugged then they joined hands looked back at us, smiled and then vanished.

I guess she had to come out of the woods in order to reunite with Lauren and only a boy and girl couple can drive her out.

I don't know but I haven't heard crying or a gun shot for at least a year. But I do still see them holding hands and walking alone the edge of the woods by the ponds. But only on the 18th.

Amy, Mississippi, USA
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