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A Feeling Of Peace

August 2001

My story isn't exactly a a sighting but a feeling which I believe to have been a sign, and from that day on I perceived things in a different manner and learned to deal with death a little bit better. So here goes my story:

It was a Sunday morning and I lived in Portugal at that time (which is originally where I'm from) and my boyfriend was driving me back to Lisbon where I was to begin another school week (I was attending college there). About a couple of miles on our way I was bent down to tune the radio when my boyfriend lost control over the car completely. The road was slippery as it had been raining. You wouldn't believe this accident, it had no logic what so ever. We hit three trees on my side of the road yet only my seat was intact from the whole car. When he lost control over the car I guess that it completely made a 360 degree turn to the right and his side was the most damaged.

First, we hit a tree head on and both of us hit our heads on the dashboard of the car in the same way, but, then the car bounced and hit another tree but know on his side and then bounced again and rear of the car hit another tree so it was squeezed between the 2nd a 3rd tree. Of course I lost consciousness as soon as we hit the first time and the only thing I can remember was the terrifying scream that came out of my mouth when I looked up from tuning the radio! That was the end. When I came back to my senses I was surrounded by people and I was standing up covered in blood although nothing was broken.

I was standing away from the car and there was a covered body on the ground (which was my boyfriend's) and as I walked towards it I was grabbed and put into an ambulance that had arrived.

I kept going in and out of consciousness and I was asking if he was dead. The paramedics assured me that he wasn't but that he was going to be taken to a different hospital because his injuries were very serious.

I spent one day in intensive care because they were afraid of concussion but then I was released (hospitals there are very crowded and they release you as soon as possible).

It was Monday when I went home and the only thing I wanted to do was to go to the hospital to see my boyfriend.

My family kept being very cold and they didn't allow any visitors to see me and they were telling me that my boyfriend was in very bad shape. I didn't make anything of it because in my mind there was no way that he was dead!!!!

Especially after we had affirmed the love we had for each other the night before which had been hidden until then due to other matters.

On that Saturday night everybody that saw him said that he was different and quiet that night... Anyway, the week went on and it was now Thursday morning when suddenly I noticed that I was home alone with a good friend of mine and the family, when suddenly I felt a feeling come over me of tranquility, peace and everything seemed so quiet and I told my friend-"You Know no matter what happens I know that he is OK no matter what" and I couldn't explain why, I just felt it intensely! She began to cry a lot.

Only on that night I was told that he had died and my friend was crying because she knew that the funeral was being held at that time, when I was telling her that I was experiencing a strange feeling of peace and that he was OK

From that time on I dealt with the matter in the best possible way even though I miss him dearly (it's been four and a half years). I understand that his time before mine and that when my time comes he will be there for me.

I belive that he was making me feel peace even though I didn't see him.

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