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A Few Puzzling Things

Laura, Texas USA
February 1998

Idon't have anything severely frightening too tell, but just a few unexplainable things that have always puzzled me, and given me a shiver or two. The only background on me you really need to know is: My father was abusive and he died when I was 10 years old. He always claimed to be able to leave his body and things like this (a very psychologically disturbed person, he had also grown up abused and had substance abuse problems). My earliest childhood memories of him are..strange, to say the least.

When I was about 3 or 4, I remember waking up one night to go to the bathroom, but when I tried to get out of the bed, I was frozen. I tried to move, scream, or something, but I just couldn't do it. The curtains were open, and so there was a little light coming in and I could see pretty well in the room. I could see that my sister was still asleep next to me. Just when I thought I was about to wet myself, I could see my dad floating above the bed with a greenish glow and he seemed to be laughing evilly, although I couldn't hear anything. He moved closer and closer and I got very cold. I shut my eyes tight and when I felt the room get warm again, then I opened my eyes and it was almost daylight outside. I didn't get up until I heard Mom making breakfast.

I need to add that I never overheard Dad talking about his OBE's until I was about 9 years old.

After he died from a gunshot homicide, I was looking out of the back door towards the spot where he died. My sister was out, and my Mom and my brother were watching television. It was very sunny outside and I remember thinking how pretty it was out there while I watched the squirrels, and then he faded into view while he walked to the spot where he died. The vision became more clear as he got closer to the spot he was killed, and for a few moments walked through, like he was taking a stroll through the woods. He was just as solid and real-looking as anyone I'd ever seen, wearing one of his favorite polo shirts and khaki pants, deck shoes and messy hair, smoking his cigarette. There was no glow or crazy look about him, just poking around like he did on his days off from work. Then, as he walked past, he turned, looked at me with a strange grin, and walked on and faded gradually from view without stopping. This didn't scare me a bit and I said nothing more about it.

A few months later a family friend was visiting us for a few days and she and my mother were in the kitchen at the table, and I could overhear them talking about having seen the same thing, on different occasions, minus the turning and looking with the odd grin.

When I was about 12 or 13 some more strange things happened in that house. I had come home from school by myself one day. I came in, put my books on the table, got a Coke, and got my clothes that I had put in the dryer that morning out to fold. I folded the clothes, and took the basketful of them into my room to put away. Then I left the basket in there to collect the dirty ones in. I went back into the kitchen, and then outside to play with my dog for a bit. When I came back in, my clothes were strewn from one end of the house to the other, some back in the dryer, and the basket over my books, upside down on the table. I didn't check to see what else was wrong. I stayed in long enough to pick up my clothes and took the basket like that into my room. Then I went outside to do my homework in the shed with the dog. And I was still there when my Mom & brother got home!

Nothing much happened until I was about 15. I had gone to the upstairs bedroom to read because it was much quieter than my room (I could hear Mom's TV through the walls) and I could hop outside and sit on the roof to have a smoke or just get some air. My brother was at a friend's house, my sister had long since moved away. So I snuggled up on the futon with a nice thick book. After about an hour I was getting kind of dozy, so I slipped out onto the roof for a smoke and then I decide I'd finish the chapter I was on and just sack out up there in the spare bedroom as I could still hear Mom's TV. So I went back in, laid down, covered up and before I could get the book, I felt like I was pinned down. Then It got freezing cold in there. I screwed my eyelids shut and just laid there and prayed for it to go away. I saw nothing, but I get the distinct impression that if whatever it was had a physical body I would have been brutally raped and murdered. I felt a definite evil male presence. My wrists and throat hurt for days after were I was sure I'd been choked and held down. I haven't been upstairs at my mother's since.

Nothing else happened there, or in my life for a long time, until I moved into this house. I was on another website reading some of the stories there, and they made me think of what all I have just told you, and I was thinking about whether or not I should submit my story. I was in the kitchen doing some dishes, and my husband was at work, and the kids were down for a nap. As I was thinking about submitting the stories, the computer and monitor switched on by themselves. My husband has checked everything, there is no reason for that to have happened. It had never done it before, hasn't since, and there are no faulty springs or switches on the computer. So I am submitting my story! I don't know if that was some kind of telepathy or someone attuned to my thoughts who wanted to make him/her self known, or what.

Just last week, I was not feeling well. My oldest daughter was sleeping in her room, my husband had fallen asleep on the sofa, and I was in our room with the baby. Around 1:30 AM the baby wanted to nurse, so as she was almost finished I thought she would be asleep. I got the urge to be sick so I ran to our toilet (in a little closet in the back most part of our room). As I was in there alone, I could hear the baby just crying and screaming. I heard footsteps, and who I thought was my husband come in. I talked to him through the door and explained I was sick, and I'd be out in a second to take care of her to get here back to sleep. I heard this person lie down next to the baby and pat and rub her (I could hear the covers rustling) and "Shhhhh Shhhh It's OK," over and over. I could actually hear this over my wretching and the toilet flush. I came out to wash my face and the baby was asleep. This happened so fast. I never heard whoever it was leave, no footsteps out of the room, no baby gate unlatch at the kitchen, nothing. So I came out to tell my husband thank you or to see if he even went in there, but I could hear him snoring from the sofa before I even got to the kitchen. Anyone would have been trapped between us. The next morning he doesn't even remember hearing the baby cry or anything about me being sick.

Also within the past week we have been smelling cigarette smoke around the house, mostly near the dining table. No one in our house smokes (I quit long ago), and this just started within the past few days. We have lived in this house for over six months and it is just over a year old.

I hope nothing else happens to us!

Laura, Texas USA
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