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A Fight With The Devil

Lee Cho, MD, USA
February 2001

Right now I am 16 about to turn 17; my life has changed in a way that I will never be the same again.

About 2 years ago a group of friends and I were sleeping at our church for a lock down. We were all having a blast playing poker and telling scary stories in the dark. It was fairly dark and all of us fell asleep around 2 am. When I was sleeping I felt two hands, long hands grabbing me by my shoulders and swinging me around yelling in a low, dark, raspy voice saying "I am the devil!" and it said some other stuff but I forget right now sorry! But it just kept swinging me and lurching me saying stuff to me. From that point I woke up standing in the church hallway! That really changed me and made me more aware of the supernatural.

About February 17th 2001, I was sleeping and for some reason I started to say stuff! I don't know what I was saying but it was kind of like a little chant or prayer or something. Then all of a sudden I felt the cold scary feeling like the one two years ago! In a cold dark, scratchy/raspy voice something yelled "I am the prince of darkness!" I woke up and punched the wall then the presence was gone. I told my dad and he said "You probably fought with a demon or ghost or something. Hehehehe it seems you are fit to become a boxer! HAHAHA!" He acted like it was all a dream. It probably was but it seemed so real.

Till this day sometimes I feel a cold dark presence but for some reason it seems I scare it off.

Lee Cho, MD, USA
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