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A Final Goodbye

November 2000

This event occurred several years ago...5 to be exact. I have always believed in ghosts and have never had any such experiences although my mother has always had the ability to see things that others can not. I thought I had not be blessed by the talent. However, I was proved wrong one night.

While I was away from home attending college, one of my dogs became extremely ill. Just a little history: Now, this dog and I had practically grown up together. We were inseparable and he used to always sleep on my bed.

Well, when he became ill, my parents tried to do all they could for him but it just wasn't enough and they realized that he was suffering. So they finally agreed to have him put to sleep. I didn't get a chance to see him before it happened and I was deeply sad about that and losing a very good friend.

Shortly after I graduated from college I was staying at my parents house for a visit. I can remember that the first night I was home I really noticed how quiet it was. My dog was always making noises and now it was so quiet. I really noticed his absence. My other two dogs were very happy to see me and I could tell that they were lonely for their friend.

That night when I went to bed my large dog slept on the floor next to the bed and my other dog slept on the bed with me. I am not sure what time it was or why I woke up but something seemed to stir me from my sleep. I was pretty groggy but I know what I saw that night and it was for real.

From my bed I had a clear view out in to the hall. We always had a night light glowing in the bathroom and it was lighting the hall way up. When I looked into the hall, I saw my dog sitting there. My Daschund that had passed away. I rubbed my eyes and looked again and he was still there just looking at me. So, the first thing I did was look on my bed and sure enough my other dog was lying right next me. I looked back out in the hall and he was still there. I looked on the floor and my other dog was still lying on the floor. So, I again rubbed my eyes and looked in the hallway. He was still just sitting there and looking at me. He never moved or wagged his tail but I could tell he was very happy to see me home. So, I whispered, "I love you...goodbye my old friend, it's ok to leave now." I felt very much at peace and I laid down and snuggled back in. It must have been a few moments after that I decided to see if he was still there and this time he was gone.

I guess all creatures feel the need to be able to say goodbye to their loved ones and I feel very fortunate that mine chose to come and show me that he is ok and to let me know that he still loves me.

Thank you for reading my story.

My mother was born with a veil of skin over her face. It was attached at the top of each ear. The doctor just cut it off and threw it away never commenting on it.

For the longest time, she never knew what that meant. But, she also seemed to have a gift for knowing when things were going to happen--ie. the phone ringing and she knew who would be on the other end before anyone picked up the receiver.

She always knew what time it was before anyone told her. As a little girl she never thought too much about this amazing gift.

Later in her life she did some research about the veil of skin across her face and she discovered that others who were born with this "abnormality" had been gifted with clairvoyancy. Because my mother never knew about this, she had not refined her talent, but finding out this piece of information did make it clear to her why for so many years she had had many paranormal experiences.

Throughout her life she had seen many spirits, family members and others who had not yet crossed over to the other side.

One in particular stood out. Her father had had a heart attack and was in the hospital. My mother pretty much knew that he was not going to make it. Over the years my mother had grown apart from her father and up until the heart attack our whole family had not had any contact with him for the past 2 years. That is why I think this particular occurrence happened in our own house. I believe it was my grandfather's way of reaching out to his daughter (my mother) to tell her that he was sorry for not staying in close contact with her and her family (my father, my brother, and me).

One night, shortly after my grandfather had been put into the hospital, my brother and I had gone to bed early as we had school in the morning. My mother had gone up to bed around 10 pm and my father was downstairs watching TV. From my parents bedroom you could see the light from the living room and hear the noise of the TV so my mom had closed the door of her bedroom. It must have been about 20 minutes later that my mom told me the bedroom door opened. She knows that it opened because the light from downstairs shown into the room briefly and the noise from the TV was louder. Then the door closed and my mom felt and heard someone walking in the room around to her side of the bed.
The room had gotten quite a bit colder at this point and she said she went to pull the covers closer up around her head but then she felt someone sit down on the bed next to her and she could not move the covers for the weight of the person.

Thinking it was my father coming in to ask her a question she opened her eyes only to see her father sitting on the bed next to her. But, his form was not that of a solid person because she said she could see the wall right through him.

My mom told me that he never said a word but looked at her very intently. He reached out and touched her cheek, then he just dissolved and was gone. About 10 minutes later the phone rang and it was my Aunt calling to tell us that my grandfather had just passed away.

I hope you enjoyed this story and I do apologize for the length. My mother has told me many fascinating stories about other spirits she has encountered and perhaps I will relate some of these stories at another time. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Happy Haunting!

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