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A Forgotten Window

Chris, Colorado, USA
April 2000

My wife and I were friends with another couple back in 1995 when we were living in Chicago (a very spooky town with lots of paranormal history ? check it out). I worked with this couple and had known them for about two years when, naturally, the time came for them to purchase their first home together. It was a very exciting and important time for them, and my wife and I made a point to keep in close touch and offer our help, support, etc. while they embarked on this significant event.

The house was a smallish two-bedroom brick structure, built in approximately 1920. It was a great starter house for them, and all was good and well? at first.

The wife (Amy) decorated the house and arranged the rooms and furniture. She was very proud of her work and took lots of pictures for others to see. Then, for some reason she soon began having bad dreams at night. Later on, Amy would tell us that she was never one to have recurring dreams, but sure enough she had begun having them after moving into the new house. The dreams centered around an old man she had never seen; a balding, crazed man who reached out for her in her sleep ? often from above her head where she lay at night!

She never told us about them until Brian (the husband) explained what he had found while doing some minor remodeling work on the exterior of the house. We were all amazed, horrified, and quite prickly all over after hearing this: Brian found that there had once been a window in their bedroom which had been bricked over long ago and was no longer visible ? directly over the headboard of their bed!

?.as a footnote, I'd like to mention that Amy's pictures (remember the ones she so proudly took of her new house?) turned out beautifully. Very revealing. Especially the one she took of herself and Brian in the bedroom mirror.. where an aged, balding face can be made out in the flash above their heads?.

Chris, Colorado, USA
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