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A Friend

March 1999

Ihate to describe the following as a's more of an experience, but most of all, it's still going on.

We moved ten years ago into our present home which was built my father, therefore it has no history at all.

Two years ago my brother had a very bad accident; spent six months in Intensive Care Unit in Hospital. Doctors had no hope due to severe physical damage (of which I do not wish to remind myself). He made it back home, but still needs intensive care. He can understand what's going on but can't utter a word or move. He communicates by means of closing his eyes for a YES. Doctors still insist that he has a life span of 2 years max.

What's going on is this:-

When he is all alone in his room (and he's 24hrs. in bed), we hear him laughing, as if someone told his a really great joke!! I have personally looked through the doorway and noticed his eyes and seen him looking from left to right and towards the ceiling and laughing again as if someone was going round his bed.......this always happens in the afternoons, every single day.

I several times asked him if there was someone in the room........he doesn't look scared, just closes his eyes and smiles.

We're getting quite horrified by this, but we have no courage to use an Ouija Board. I can assure you that the patient can in no way fake this and I have never before seen him laugh to those extremes before his accident.

Is a friend keeping him company??

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