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A Fright From the Stairs

Eva, Ireland
October 1998

My house is very old about 120 or so years old and it's drafty and creaky your typical creepy old house. It's a two story semi-detached house and it's between two small churches from the same period. One thing I really don't like about it is going up and down the stairs because I always here footsteps on the stairs behind me and get the feeling that theres someone walking up very closely behind me, don't worry I'm not paranoid it feels very real. I've always had really frightening experiences in this house but the one that sticks in my memory as the most frightening and I've heard voices and noises but this takes first prize.

One day around 5:00pm or so my whole family piled into the car to drop my Mother off somewhere. I don't remember where, but anyway it was a cold day and I opted for watching the telly in peace for a while instead with a cup of tea. My family left and I was alone, the house was very cold but I thought it was just the time of year and the fact that it was usually cold because we have no central heating. I walked into the kitchen and made my cup of tea and switched on the radio and proceeded to sing at the top of my voice and walked into the hall towards the sitting room tea in hand still singing. The sitting room is just opposite the stairs and when I had gotten to the door for some reason I glanced onto the stairs and stopped short in fright, on the stairs there was what seemed to be the white figure of a woman in clothes typical of the turn of the century. Well needless to say I didn't stand there long but ran back into the kitchen and hid till my Dad came back. I never saw the figure again and I cant really say I'm sorry about that, and when I'm in the house alone I usually stay in the kitchen.

Eva, Ireland
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