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A Ghost Or Imagination?

Kadie, Canada
March 2001

Hi, I have always been sort of "in tune" to ghosts. I have had some instances where I thought I saw something or smelt know the typical "I saw a ghost" stuff.

Well last night and today some really weird things happened that on there own aren't much, but together kinda make me wonder....

Last night I was talking to my boyfriend (I'll call him B) on the phone. It was storming, lots of freezing rain and snow sort of alternating, and all the ice was downing power lines all over the area. Our power only flickered for about 20 seconds then came back on. When it did my VCR said 12:00 as it normally does when the power goes off. It was really 10 something. Anyway a little after B and I hung up I heard a loud crash upstairs and put it of to being the puppy we just got knocking or pulling something down. So I went to bed. When I woke up this morning my VCR was set to the right time and turned on and the tape which was in the VCR but out, (you know what I mean?) was pushed all the way in. I ignored it and went upstairs. I asked my mom after breakfast about the crash upstairs (my bedroom is in the basement) and she said it was weird, a tupperware dish that had been sitting way up on top of the cupboards for months had suddenly fallen, more like flew! off the cupboard and landed quite a ways away. Then she told me that while she was talking on the phone to her friend (she called her not long after B and I got off of the phone) a shadow passed by the bottom of her bed and then a breeze, like someone had just walked by.

I was sleeping downstairs and my little brother and the puppy where right there in the bed with her. My father is a truck driver and is away. So it wasn't human or animal. I have cats but they where downstairs, with the door at the top of the stairs closed, so it wasn't them in the kitchen or her bedroom, besides they were likely on the bed where they sleep with me.. They where when I dosed off.

The last thing that happened today (to Me!) Is the scariest!!! I was taking a nap before supper and I had fallen asleep and had a weird dream that I was a soldier in a war (WWI or WWII as far as I can figure) and I got shot in the chest, it hurt so bad I could feel it! Then something, a grenade maybe??? blew up and I guess that when I woke up from the dream.

My cat Beanie was sleeping up by my head and right above her was what looked to be a card with a prayer on it! It was slightly transparent. I was somewhat groggy and it hit me that it was impossible for something to "hang" in mid air like that with nothing holding it. I looked around the room thinking it was a reflection of something in my room (in pitch dark??? I have no widows in my room and no basement lights where on! But I could see it as clear as day....except it was slightly see-through) but not being a majorly religious person I have nothing like that other than a bible tucked away somewhere.

I looked back and it was still there. I sat up and put my and up to it to touch it and my hand went right through and then it disappeared!!! It really scared me!

Kadie, Canada
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