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A Ghost or Not A Ghost?

Sean & Andrea Crawford, Connecticut, USA
November 2000

My wife and I purchased our first house 3 years ago. It is a small but quaint cape style home, built in the 1950's. We weren't married yet when we purchased the house but got married the year after. The strange happenings began on our wedding night. Is it a ghost? We believe so!

On the night of our wedding, it was in November. We got home after all of the festivities were over, the time was about 1:30 in the morning. My wife had gone out onto the screened in porch for a minute, when she heard what sounded like a man whistling a song right outside the porch on the patio. She came inside and turned the spotlight on but nobody was there. Ever since that night the strange but sort of playful instances continued.

The next thing that started happening was the light in our bedroom would mysteriously turn off by itself at night while we were sitting up in bed talking or playing with the cat. I would get up walk over to the light switch, turn the switch off, turn it back on, and the light would come back on. At first I had thought it was faulty wiring in the light, so I bought a new light fixture, installed it, and checked the wiring in the ceiling, which looked almost new. But the same thing kept happening! One evening I was in the bedroom looking for some clothes to wear after work, and I had the light on, suddenly once again the light shut off on me. A little irritated I began walking toward the light to turn it back on and before I got to the switch it turned back on again! That was the first time it had ever came back on.

Yet another incident occurred one morning while my wife was on the telephone. I had already left for work. All of a sudden she heard a loud voice say something, but it was very brief and she couldn't understand what it said. She said that it sounded like the stereo was turned up full blast for a couple of seconds. In fact the person on the phone that she was talking to even heard it! She looked around the house and checked the TV, stereo, police scanner (I am a firefighter so this is sometimes turned up loud so I can hear it in the other room), but everything was either off or turned all the way down. Then late one night I was sitting at the computer, (I was not connected to the Internet) and I had a music CD playing on the system. I was organizing some file drawers that I just bought, and my wife was in the next room painting. When suddenly an extremely loud voice blasted out of my computer speakers, overpowering the music! The voice was very brief but I did make out the statement "The bell tolls 17"! I nearly jumped out of my chair! My wife heard it in the next room and said that was the same thing that she heard while she was on the phone that day. However that day she had checked and the computer was not even on! I played the song back and the voice was not part of the song.

Last but not least, the most recent happening was the other night. My wife had washed the coffee pot in the dishwasher, but she did not put the cover to it in the dishwasher. She had called me downstairs later that night to help her look for the cover because it was nowhere to be found! We turned the whole house upside down and to this day it is still missing! Did she misplace it in a really strange place or is Mr. or Mrs. ghost just playing another trick on us! There were other small things that occurred but these were the most odd ones.

Sean & Andrea Crawford, Connecticut, USA
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