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A Ghostly Crush?

February 2004

A lot of people out there are skeptical about the paranormal or perhaps some of you are actually in denial. If you found mysterious markings on yourself or on your furniture, how would you explain that?

This is indeed a true story. My grandparents and a few of my aunts and uncles used to live in this very old and large house in Vancouver, B.C. It always gave me the chills as it is sort of gloomy, creaky and very very old. They lived there in peace for the first couple of years.

One day when I was visiting them, I realized that my aunt and my uncle (her brother) had switched rooms. As we were leaving, I mentioned it to my mom and what she told me literally made the hair on my back stand up.

My aunt is a very pretty woman in her early 30s who is short and petite. Maybe that was the reason why she was targeted?. One night, she woke up in the early hours of the morning to see a figure of a man standing at her bedside staring at her. She got so freaked out that she started mumbling any sort of prayer that she knew which were all unsuccessful as he was still there! Finally, she remembered a prayer that she learned from our temple and perhaps that's what made him go away.

Another night, she woke up again, this time to find a horrific looking man with long black hair lying right next to her and staring at her with these large eyes!! Even though she was tremendously frightened, she remembered the successful prayer from the other night and recited it until he went away. Thinking that perhaps it was her room that was evil, she asked her brother, who is a devoted Christian to switch rooms with her...

Unfortunately, this switch-over must've annoyed the spirit.

One night, my aunt woke up to the feeling of someone kicking or hitting the end of her wooden bed frame with a hard object. Thinking that it was just her imagination, she just ignored it and went back to sleep. The next day, she found marks on the end of her bed frame that appeared as though it was caused by something hard! After all these horrifying incidents, she finally decided to tell my very religious grandmother, who gave her a Buddhist lucky charm to place under her pillow. Apparently, it did wonders because she wasn't bothered after that.

My mom must've brought up the stories at work because it was there that she learned of a possible explanation to all those disturbances.

Her co-worker has a relative who lived in my grandmother's neighbourhood. Apparently, a Japanese male had lived in my grandmother's house and also committed suicide in there. Had my grandmother known that, she wouldn't have even stepped a foot into that house! My mom never told about the house's history but it didn't matter anyway as they moved out shortly afterwards.

I tried asking my aunt about her experience but she was reluctant to talk about it. However, she did show me the markings on her bed. Seeing how uncomfortable it made her when I brought it up and the markings on the bed frame, I do not doubt the legitimacy of the story.

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