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A Ghostly Perfume

Sarah Ann, PA, USA
July 2006

Hello, my name is Sarah Ann and I have some experience of the paranormal, mostly ghosts or angels. I hope everyone enjoys my experiences with family and friendly ghosts.

A Ghostly Perfume
Every year my family gets together for a dinner of Rosh Hashanah and this year, it was much different from the others.
Now, I've been dealing with Witchcraft for a while and still studying till this very day. I noticed I've been getting stronger and my senses were a little stronger. Mostly feeling auras and getting uneasy feelings. Anyway, the dinner was supposed to be at my aunts house. It could be called a mansion compared to my house. My aunt left me the honor of getting the table ready for the big dinner. I swore that I felt someone watching me. I told my mother this but she didn't believe me since my two little cousins were there playing with their cousin on my uncles side of the family.
The dinning room had doors to the kitchen and the living room; a few people came and explored the house so it could have been anyone. So I just ignored it.
Everything was at peace again when dinner began. Everyone had fun that night and everyone left for home. When I was going up to my room, I smelt a very attractive perfume near the stairs and for some odd reason it smelt familiar. Just when I was going up the stairs (the attic is my room) I smelt another familiar scent but it wasn't a perfume. It was a old smell I was very familiar with. It was my Zeda's (hebrew for grandfather) old smell.
My room is right in front of my mothers room and I quickly entered. My mother looked at me worriedly, asking me, "Are you alright Sarah? You look so pale, as if you saw a ghost." How right she was... I told her I smelt a perfume that smelt familiar and don't know where it was from. She looked at me curiously before getting her gym bag out and getting a small bottle of perfume. She told me her mother wore the same perfume and I paled more. It smelt the same also. My mother comforted me, telling me maybe my grandparents were looking down at us; watching us from above.
Now, I sense my grandmother more around than my grandfather in the house we live in.
Wendy and Bob
This is another story when I was the age of 15 till now.
Some strange things started to happen. When I was in my old room, my windows shad would sometimes startle me whenever I pull it down. It'll somehow go up really fast as if somebody pulled it really hard as if they were angry. It doesn't happen anymore.
I moved into my new room (my sister's old room) and I always hear creaking in the ceiling and the steps of my private stairs creaking. (I live in the attic so I get my own set of stairs.) Even my TV acted weirdly, turning it to the VHR or DVD player channel so the room could be quiet. Sometimes I wondered if the house was haunted or not. So, I finally decided to make an Ouija board to get my answer. Since I didn't have the toy Ouija board, I just used my pendulum and wrote down the normal things a board would have. I tested it and made sure no evil spirits were around. (Nobody wants evil spirits around, they do too much damage to ones house.) I asked if there was anyone that wanted to talk to me. It gave me a 'yes'. I asked for a name and it spelled out 'Wendy'. After a half an hour talking to the spirits, Wendy and her husband named Bob died in a fire accident near where my house is. They died in the year 1948 and they aren't sure if their family is alive or not. So, they're stuck living with my family until I get more information on their family for them. Now that I know who's here I'm more at peace and more aware of who's here. Sometimes I fight with them (mostly Wendy) to not change the channel and watch something else besides cartoons all day. I'll switch it over to the movies channels and see what's on for their sakes.

Sarah Ann, PA, USA
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