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A Good Night Gone Bad

Cady, TX, USA
July 2004

About a year ago my cousin and I attended a party at my neighbors house. We were having a good time and we didn't leave until everyone else left because we would be walking home and putting it off would be easier for a while.

My dad lived in the woods and it was quite a long walk home. My dad had always made jokes about scary creatures staying in the woods and he would hear them or see them but I always believed him because we had lived there all my life and I had seen them too but not as much.

So my cousin and I left, we had no flashlight just a sense of direction. His driveway is gravel and dirt and full of pot holes with water in them. My cousin is very clumsy and she was about to fall and she grabbed onto me and down we went into the water. We were having fun playing in the water and the mud until we finally reached it. We both set off in a run scared out of minds about walking there alone in the pitch black. We reached the house got inside and locked the door. We changed out of our wet clothes and I took off outside to smoke. So she followed me and when she shut the door it locked behind her. Luckily the porch light was on so we weren't stuck in the dark.

No one was home and my dad wouldn't be home for another 30 minutes. So all we could do was wait, But I tried over and over to open the door even though I knew it was locked. We would not leave the porch. I was to scared to even stand up so I sat in the corner with my cousin in front of me. My dad had two dogs, a pitbull "Maniac" and a mut "Toby". I didn't know were Toby was but Maniac was sitting by us. While we were sitting there Maniac never barked but we heard Toby barking in the back yard and all of a sudden her bark was getting closer, we saw her come around the front and all the commotion was because she was chasing a cat. We heard alot of strange noises while we were sitting there but we heard a laugh in particular it was a long laughing noise, we didn't know what it was but we tried not to think about it because we were stuck out there alone and scared to death.

My dad soon got there and we could leave we told him about the noise and he didn't beleive us but I know what we heard. I wrote this story because another story inspired me we both heard a laugh and my dad always talked about the Chupacabra and thats what I think it was.

Cady, TX, USA
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