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A Guardian Angel

Jenn, Ontario, Canada
September 2004

This story is more of a creepy one as opposed to a good old fashioned ghost story, but I feel the need to tell it none the less.

When I was about nine, I was in school one day while my Mom was doing Motherly things at home. She was babysitting one of our next door neighbours children at the time. Someone from across the street called her and asked her for some help with some chores. She left the toddler sleeping and left to go across the street.

About halfway across the road, she had this feeling that she should go back and get her. (Call it women's intuition). She immediately turned back around, woke up the sleeping girl and took her across. Now, the neighbourhood that I lived in, was at the time a neighbourhood that you didn't have to lock your doors. In fact, my Mom didn't even have a key for it.

About half an hour later, my Mother returns and upon looking across the street, she can see that the front picture window is now black and she can hear loud bangs from inside. She ran to the front door, telling the little girl to wait for her, and tried the knob. The door was locked. Not only was it locked, but it had been latched from the inside. When the fire department arrived, they said that had she opened that door there would have been a backdraft and she wouldn't be alive right now.

Another "guardian angel" kind of story that I have is related to the same house.

We had a pool in the backyard that had a fence around it. The gate was always locked. My mother asked my brother one day to go and look in the backyard for the dog. The next time she looked out the window, Austin (my brother) was being chased by Ace ACROSS THE POOL.
Allow me to explain: It was then December in Vancouver, so the pool cover was on. However, winter in Vancouver doesn't produce ice on top of the pool, it's not cold enough. So my brother and Ace were lucky to have made it to the other side alive. If they were to have fallen through, they both would have drowned trying to get out from underneath the pool cover.

My mother, furious at the time of course, went to check the cover. There was no ice underneath, and when she threw a medium sized rock on the cover (and my brother was a lot heavier than that little rock) it sunk the cover.

Just makes you think that there's someone looking out for us.

Thank you for letting me share my story.

Jenn, Ontario, Canada
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