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A Haunted Church?

Karen Kolasa, Wisconsin , USA
February 2001

It's not very often that people think of a church as being haunted. I never thought so until my mom got a job as the church janitor about nine years ago.

I always tagged along with my mom to the church and helped clean on Saturdays. I was in third grade at the time and I always had fun.

By fifth grade, I was taking piano lessons and I would practice on the big grand piano in the sanctuary. It was late one night and no one else was in the big building but my mother and I. I heard screaming throughout the sanctuary but no one was in the room but myself. I went to the office where my mom was and asked if she screamed. She said no and I continued back to the sanctuary to practice.

I continued to hear screaming and I was getting scared. We left that night and I was very skeptical about being in there alone like that again.

Throughout the years, I heard a woman's voice speaking numerous times when my mom and I were there. We were the only two in the place, but I always heard this voice. It was soft and peaceful, but what I was about to experience at 13 years old, would make me definitely believe it was haunted.

I was about to vacuum a staircase that lead to the upstairs of the building and I was ready to go. Before I put the vacuum on, I heard footsteps going up the staircase and thought maybe my mom or the pastor's wife going up them really quickly (there was a door you had to open before going up them). I looked up the staircase and to my surprise no one was there. I didn't want to start vacuuming in fear that something might attack me.

I asked my mom if any one was in the building besides us and she said no and that I must have been imagining things. I know I wasn't, but after years of through thought and research, I believe I know where the problem was coming from.

A room that connected with that staircase was also connected to the sanctuary. Every time I heard something, it was near that room. It was just used for Sunday School, but something had to have happened there.

I told a friend about my experiences about the room and she told me a story that happened to her in the room with her twin sister and got me more psyched.

They were hiding from the pastor at the church and hid in a closet in the room. They weren't touching anything when all of a sudden something hit both of them and hurt them. When they had some light in the closet, they found nothing that could have hurt them.

After I got a job, I never worked at the church again. The church went under construction and that room ceases to exist. But recently, my dad was working in the church alone and he said that something was messing with his paint container, but nothing was there.

Could the church have been truly haunted, or was it just my imagination taking over me? I don't know, and in all reality, I would rather not know.

Karen Kolasa, Wisconsin , USA
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