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A Haunted House (3)

Jennifer, Idaho, USA
July 2000

Have you ever walked into a house and just *known* it was haunted? That's how my brother, sister and I felt when we moved into this house, less than a year ago. Fortunately there has been no feelings of deep evil so I guess its ok.

The house is fairly old, built before indoor plumbing and electricity. Thats about all I know of its age. The attic is the typical type-where its not a room but just a space between the ceiling and the roof.

One of the first things my siblings and I noticed was that you could here some one playing marbles in the attic-you know, the sound of a marble rolling across the floor, childish laughter, that kind of stuff.

Another thing was that you would here something heavy being dragged across the attic floor, footsteps walking back and forth, other things like that. For some reason neither parent has heard this, even though it happens often, a various times.

Something else has started happening recently. When my bedroom door opens, it makes a loud squeak. Its also the only door that does it. Once while talking on the phone at around 1am-3am I heard my door open, I looked up to find it was still closed. I watched it, and it made the noise again but the door still hadn't moved. This has happened again several times.

Also, sometimes I can here someone walk across the floor in room, the sound of boots on a hardwood flood. Since my floor is carpeted, I wondered if perhaps this was my imagination. So I pulled up the carpet in a corner to ease my curiosity and found out that yes, my floor was at one time, just hardwood.

The scariest thing that has happened actually seeing something. While sitting at the computer you can see part of the hall from the corner of your eye. Many times I could see someone walking by clear enough to know that I wasn't imagining it. This has happened when I was the only one in the house, so I know it wasn't a family member.

Similar incidents have occurred but since theres no feeling of evil, I'm not really worried. Has anyone else had a experience similar to mine?

Jennifer, Idaho, USA
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