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A Haunted Mobile Home?

Nancy, MI, USA
April 2006

A little background on this first:
Although I believe it doesn't have any bearing on this, it may so I will include it.

I live in South Mississippi and where I live was once inhabited by the Pascagoula Indians. It was always a favorite past-time of my family when I was small to walk through the woods and find arrow-heads. Not far from us is a burial mound (maybe one to two miles). Also, a young girl (she was in second grade) was violently murdered shortly after we moved into the house. The murder took place maybe fifty to eighty yards away from the house.

The home in question is a repossessed mobile home. It was purchased in "bulk", one of ten or twelve that were meant to be rental homes. My mother is the manager of the mobile home park and she got her choice of which one to live in. It was a very nice one, 16x80. It was backed up into the woods. That end was the master bedroom which was ALWAYS cold. I don't know if you know anything about south Mississippi summers, but they are hot (high 90's, low 100's) and humid (between 50 to 100%). I always watched television in there because it was cool. Sometimes I even had to get an afghan.

Immediately and to the left of the MB door was my bedroom door. Also immediately from the MB door was a hallway which lead into the living room. That room was separated from the dining room by a bar. The DR was on the left and the kitchen was on the right. The DR was separated from the hallway which led into my the other bathroom and my sister's room by the laundry nook.

We moved in when I was ten, my sister was thirteen. From as far back as I can remember, when you sat on the couch in the livingroom, you could see out of the corner of your eye someone walk out of my room into the hallway. When you turned your head to see who it was, there would be no one there. Eventually my mother tired of having to turn your head every time she sat on the couch and eventually moved the couch away from the hallway.

You could hear footsteps all the time. Now four people living in such small quarters there is a lot of call for that type of thing. However, it happened even if no one was there. The footsteps were always heavy and I always thought it was either my father or my sister (she doesn't walk, she stomps). Then I began to realize that I heard those same footsteps even when it was just me and my mother sitting watching t.v. and we were all alone. And of course I heard them even when I was alone. I remember a knocking sound coming from under the kitchen table. I always attributed it to an animal having gotten under the house, but who knows. There was also a noise that I can't really describe coming from under the house which I attributed to the same animals.

My mother has told of a few strange experiences. My sister and I were older, dating, and usually out of the house. So on several occasions, she and Dad would be in their room watching TV (it happened a few times when she was alone) and they heard someone open the door, check the fridge and go to my sister's room. Of course they thought it was one of us and my mother called out. No one answered, so she came to talk to us (it) and no one was there! This happened several times. Sometimes they (it) would come back to my room. Sometimes they would just come in walk around for a bit and leave.

The only time I recall being scared was when I was twenty. I came home for a couple of weeks until my new place was ready to move into. The new couch had been moved to the original spot (where you could see down the hall) and since it was new, my mother told me not to fall asleep on it, then she went on to bed. Well I promptly fell asleep. I hadn't been asleep for very long and I was still slightly aware of my surroundings when my mother sneaked up and got right in my ear and hissed "get up!!!!", I could even feel her breath on my ear! I opened my eyes, already getting mad that she would try to scare me like that, and saw nothing! I raced down the hallway to her room and there she was in bed! (I slept in her bed that night!)

My parents have since moved into a huge doublewide. They had made so many improvements on the yard that they moved the old mobile home down the street and put the new one there. An old man (career Army, war veteran, former secret service) bought the old one. He originally moved into the master bedroom, he loves my little girl and when I come and visit, we spend a little while with him. I noticed one day that he had moved into the other end of the house (into my sister's old room). I asked him if he had noticed anything odd in the house. He responded "Yeah, but I don't pay no attention to it." That was all I could get out of him.

It's been four years since my parents moved. I recently wrote about my experiences on another site and a few days ago when my family got together for dinner, I recounted those experiences and told them about my writings. We all began to discuss the strange things that had occurred and traded stories. Finally my mom piped up. She told us that she didn't tell us before, first because we were too young to know, then she was scared we would frightened. Then she revealed that when the for rent mobile homes were purchased, the person (mortgage company, bank, etc don't know) told the mobile home park owner that one of the mobile homes had been the scene of a murder. The details were not revealed and no one knows which one it was. This seems the most likeliest source of the strange goings-on.

This is not a work of fiction, it is entirely true. It honestly happened to me. No, I know of no pictures where anything was captured, not even orbs. No I don't believe demons are in the house. I was raised to believe that Heaven's and Hell's gates are one-way. I do think God allows one to visit their loved ones before they leave us, but I truly don't believe in ghosts, mostly. I've always thought that maybe there was psychic residue??? in the house and that was what we experienced. I don't know, I would love to have some suggestions.

Nancy, MI, USA
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