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A Haunting?

Annette, NY, USA
January 2000

There's a strange thing about my house. I'm not sure whether or not there actually is something haunting it, but I do know something is very weird.

My cousin and I were home alone in my room and I locked the door because we were changing. When we were done I tried to unlock the door-but the lock bounced back by itself. I tried it again- but the lock continued to bounce back by itself. My cousin also tried it several times, but it would not unlock. Finally we both placed our hands on the doorknob and tried opening it with all our strength. We both felt like someone was holding the other side of the doorknob, then suddenly the presence on the other side of the doorknob let go and the door burst open, and my cousin and I were thrown back. Cold air immediately filled my room. I got up and tried to see if the cold air was anywhere in the house, but nothing came up. I returned to my room to find the temperature was once again the same.

Later in the evening I was on my computer, home alone after my cousin had left, and my basement was relatively warm. Suddenly my entire right arm became freezing cold. I turned my head and immediately the cold air dispensed. I once again turned towards the computer and the chilly air returned to my right arm.

It seems that this presence in my house is trying to get my attention to something but doesn't want me seeing it. I am currently still trying to figure out what exactly it wants from me....

Annette, NY, USA
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