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A Head With Horns & Other Stories

Tony Bernal III, TX, USA
December 2000

One of the weirdest and scariest experiences that I can recall was when I lived in Goodrich, TX. As odd as it may seem, I was about 4yrs old when it happened.

I guess it was about 8 or 9 o'clock in the evening and I decided to go to the kitchen and make myself a hot dog while my parents watched TV in the living room. I got a fork out of the drawer and a wiener out of the fridge. I then turned on the stove and began to heat up the wiener on the fork. The kitchen and laundry room was separated by a big curtain in between each other. That night the curtain was drawn apart and you could see the kitchen and the laundry room as one huge room. Well from my position where I was standing, if I turned my head to the right, I was lined-up straight to the door that led to the backyard. The house itself was elevated off the ground with cinder blocks about four or five feet. So as soon as you would go outside you would have to walk down some small stairs to get to the ground. To the right of the back door was the washer and next to it was the dryer. Above the washer and dryer was a fairly large window that had one of those pull-down blinds. Well, I don't know why I decided to turn towards the laundry room, but I did. And when I looked at the window I saw the silhouette, and I kid you not, of what seemed to be a man with horns. I had no idea what it was, but I knew that it scared me. I then saw it turn to I guess his right. When it did I then saw that it had a long chin. It then turned back like as if it was looking at me. I then screamed for my mother. When I screamed I saw it just walk off. At least I think it walked off. When my parents ran into the kitchen because they thought I had burned myself. I then told them what I had seen, and my dad rushed out the back door to see what it was. My mom and I then walked to the back door to check on my dad. My dad wasn't able to find anything.

That image remains in my mind till this day. I hate looking at windows and mirrors at night.

As I got older, I realized that whatever it was, even if it was a "man", how could the head reach the window. There weren't any trees near the window, and there wasn't anything under the window to stand on. Remember the house was standing on blocks. Well I am going to stop for now because it's 2:29 am. I'll write about some of my other experiences that happened to me as I got older.

Tony Bernal III, TX, USA
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