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A Horrifying Feeling

Priya Gavin, Victoria, Australia
July 2000

This "thing" happened to me in July 2000. I really don't know what to think of it. I keep wondering am I crazy or was this real? I have always believed that everyone can communicate with their spirit guide or guardian angel. Anyway to my story.........

I am a religious person. On this particular night I was lighting a candle to place in front of a picture of Mary & baby Jesus before I said my regular nightly prayers. This candle is kept in a glass. As soon as I lit the candle and walked in my bedroom (where I have my little shrine) my dog started barking as if at an intruder. I ignored her and placed the candle in front of the icon. As soon as I began to say my prayers I felt as if I were pushed backward from the shoulders. I straightened up and started to feel scared, but thought nothing of it (I am naturally a clumsy person and can sometimes fall over for no apparent reason). Then as I closed my eyes I had an awful feeling that the flame was going to jump and my picture would catch a light. As soon as I opened my eyes I noticed the flame was jumping about. There was no way any kind of breeze could reach it, unless it came from above the glass. I took the candle down and was heading to the bedroom light when an irrational fear came over me. My heart started pounding so hard my chest was hurting. I felt something tall and evil was right behind me. I was so scared of seeing what it was, (for some reason I think I saw this massive red devil, but I don't know) that I could no longer see. The fear really did blind me. Then the candle was blown out from above! I freaked could that be? There was no breeze or wind or anything? Then I couldn't find the light switch. I swear it wasn't where it should have been. I began screaming for my husband who was asleep and that's when I found the light. I ran into his arms and was shaking uncontrollably. When I tried to tell him what happened I couldn't speak. It felt like there was something in my throat blocking me from speaking. After what must have been five minutes, the dog stopped barking and slamming the fly-wire door and everything seemed normal again.

I really don't know whether it was all a figment of my imagination or not. I have never in my life been so scared. I felt as if this thing was going to kill me without a doubt. And now when I think of it I think that I must be going crazy because I didn't actually hear or see anything ghostly, there was no chill on the air. I do believe that ghosts exist (I have seen one before), and I've had many experiences with what seem to be good spirits. I guess I never really thought an evil spirit would pay ME a visit, especially while I'm praying! The strength of this evil I felt was immeasurable. And whatever it was I never want to feel that way again.

Sorry if my writing is a little "all over the place", I start to feel scared just writing about it.

Priya Gavin, Victoria, Australia
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