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A House on the Hill Before

Heather, TN, USA
May 2001

I am a 21 year old woman. I have encountered many ghostly phenomenon in my lifetime. I feel that I am sensitive to things like that. When I was 12 years old, my parents were building a house. It was over half completed so we decided to go ahead and move in.

My room was upstairs exactly above my parents' room. Every night for months a dark figure would walk across my room and sit on my bed and watch me. I was so scared, I just closed my eyes and fell asleep after awhile from exhaustion. This happened for months on end. Then one night I had a dream that the dark figure that had been watching me was a man that had a house on the same land that we built ours on. He was dressed in late 1800's attire and he was angry in my dream. Ultimately in my dream, he shot his brother (or a man that I thought was his brother) then burned the house and shot himself. This was a very disturbing dream for me, so the next morning I told my mom. She got really hysterical and told me that my dad had told her that he dreamed the exact same dream that night.

We always had bad luck while living in that house and many relatives died during the 4 years that we lived there. I had a collie that died of leukaemia and a cat that had brain tumours. We had piglets that were born deformed.

After we moved, we found out that a deep cave that goes straight down instead of going straight into the side of the hill was a place where they would hang suspected witches and throw their bodies in the cave in the 1800's. We also found out that there were two men who had a house at the top of the hill on our property but the house burned down and they both died. Now isn't that weird??????

Heather, TN, USA
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