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A Journey Into The Unknown

Bill, NJ, USA
June 2010

This experience occurred in the summer of '06 at my old house in Toms River, New Jersey.

I was 14 years old and it was summer vacation. I was enjoying my summer vacation for the most part until I got grounded for doing something really bad. Little did I know that me getting grounded was going to later result in me running into a chain of unusual events.

I was grounded for about 5 weeks. And when I'm grounded, I'm not even permitted to leave my room, so I'll do ANYTHING to keep entertained the slightest bit. The night before I was going to get off grounding, my sister, who at the time was about 11, came into my room to hang out for a bit and I figured I could use the company. We talked for a bit and somehow the topic of Ouija boards came into the conversation. At this point, I had pointed out to my sister that our parents bought one and that they kept it up with the board games in the closet. My sister had then urged me to go and retrieve it. So I did.

After we got the Ouija board down, we decided to use it. We, being young children mind you, had to read the instructions on the back of the box to understand how to use it. We then used it. And, of course, the cursor started to move. And, of course, we thought that the other person was moving it themselves. We were sadly mistaken.

Thinking this had to be a hoax, we started to ask personal questions about ourselves to the board that only a few people knew. It answered every question correctly. Now this was getting weird. We eventually wrapped it up and when we were getting ready to stop, I had then remembered hearing from somewhere that the Ouija board is known to open portals to hell, or small parts of it at least. We then stopped and went and offered our mom to join in on the fun.

All she said was "Heck no, those things open up portals". I then went and told my friend Jesse and all he had to say was a smack to my face. He, being as religious as he is, lectured me on it and told me only demons come out of the Ouija boards, not angels.

That night, my mother let me out of my room. I then was sitting in the living room with my younger sister and older sister, who were both dozing off on the floor. My mom passed me when I was headed toward the restroom and she asked me something. When she was talking I thought I heard what sounded like the toaster pop up when it finished toasting something. I didn't react, however, because I thought I was just hearing things. But no sooner than a moment later did my mom ask me if I heard the toaster pop up. I then knew it wasn't just me. We went and checked the toaster. There was toast in it and it was still warm. We knew that neither of us had used it. And everyone else had been asleep for at least an hour. This was odd.

Over the next couple weeks afterwards, weird things were happening not only in my house but in my friend Jesse's house as well. Noises were heard coming from my living room and the backyard. One night I was in my backyard having a cigarette and I nearly had a heart attack. A chunk of asphalt about the size of a baseball came flying toward me from Jesse's backyard (our backyards were separated by only a 3-foot chain-link fence). It being dark out, I figured Jesse was hiding somewhere in his backyard trying to spook my by throwing things. But what was unusual was that the asphalt had missed my face by only 6 inches, Jesse wouldn't try to do this. I then called his cellphone and asked where he was. He claimed he was in his bedroom. I told him to knock on his bedroom window to prove it (his room was only about 15 feet away), he knocked. Afterward I explained what had happened. He gave me his camera and told me to watch the screen to look for anything unusual in my backyard (there was no film in it, sorry). I took the camera and switched it to night vision and started to scan my backyard.
I swear, what I had seen was a once in a lifetime opportunity. In the distance, about 25 feet away, in the way back of my yard, was a 6 foot shadow that clearly looked like the shadow of a human was pacing back and forth. This went on for about 2 minutes. Then, it disappeared. After that a thick black smoke started to roll in at no higher than 1.5 feet all over my backyard. At this point, I wanted to flee, but something urged me to stay. So, with that being said, I did the only thing one could do in my situation, I prayed. As I continued to pray, a growl was starting to be heard, the more I prayed, the angrier the growl, and then, it stopped. I told my parents and we had the house blessed.

The blessing went in vain and we soon moved back to my home town, where I live to this day.

Bill, NJ, USA
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