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A Knock At My Window

December 2003

This actually happened to my brother who was around 5 years old at the time, I wasn't even born then, but my grand- mother was there to verify it really happened.

My brother slept with my grandmother and the bed was up against the window. It was an old musty house that my parents had rented while they were working out in the cotton fields in Texas, next to the Mexican border. Everyone would fall asleep right away because they were tired from working all day, but my brother would stay awake and glance out the window.

One day there was a knock at the window and there appeared a man in a purple suit, couldn't see his face because his hat fell over his eyes. He tried to wake up my grandmother but she was out cold and he was too scared to move. The next thing he saw was the man in purple in the living room (thats where they slept) pointing to a ladder that appeared out of nowhere and the man in purple would nod his head up to instruct my brother to climb up the ladder. He would close his eyes and try not to look at the man.

This occured for a couple of weeks, he tried to tell my parents but they would not pay any attention and thought he was just making it up.

One night grandmother decided to stay awake but nothing happened until the following night.

There was a knock on the window and the man in purple appeared, she rose out of bed and proceeded to open the window and at the same time yelled out to leave the child alone and to tell her what he wanted, well grandmother said that he disappeared so quickly that all she saw was a trail of purple smoke disappear into the night. By that time everyone was awake and was asking what all the yelling was about and grandmother told everyone that what my brother was telling everyone was the truth because she confronted the man.

He never knocked again and when work was over my parents moved out and on to another job.

Months later a relative that lived in that same town where this happened ran into my family and told them, "you know that old house you all lived in , well after you moved out the owner decided to knock the house down and when they were tearing the roof apart they found a bunch of old coins up there that were worth a lot of money and they were wrapped up in a old purple suit jacket, can you believe you were staying in that old house with that fortune, I wonder who left that behind?

My parents never told him about the man who came knocking at the window who wanted my brother to climb up the ladder.

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