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A Knock On the Door

October 2003

It was a great and sunny day in June, about a year ago. A friend and I were making a movie - a comedy. We borrowed a couple of guns (I think you call it bb guns in America..). The filming went great, and the movie was very funny. Then we were going to return the guns down in the basement. My friend was going to find a teacher, so she or he could unlock the door.

So, there I was, completely alone, down in the school`s basement. I had heard a couple of ghost stories about this basement, but didn't think much about it. The only thing I thought was a little scary was the skeleton of a horse that had been there for years.

The ghost stories I had heard, was from other students that had been on the toilet down in the basement. Some had been so frightened that they didn't want to go back down there. They said something about doors that opened, but there was nobody there. Someone had felt someone touch them on their shoulders.

So, as I said, I stood there completely alone. I looked at the locked door, it was made of glass, and I could see right through it. The skeleton was standing on the other side of the door, I could see the white bones through the glass in the door. Suddenly, I heard a knocking sound. Not like someone that is knocking the door, it was more like the wind made it shake, from the other side. BUT: There was no wind. The door didn't move. It was just this sound. So I approached it. When I was standing right next to the door, the sound stopped. I thought it was probably nothing, and stepped away from the door. The knocking started again. So I approached the door once more. The same thing happened: The knocking sound stopped. It went on like this for a little while. Then I heard footsteps from the basement stairs. It was my friend that came back. She hadn't found a teacher. But the strangest thing is that once I heard her footsteps from the stairs, the knocking sound was gone. I didn't hear it again.

There's probably many ways to explain what happened down there. A million logical reasons.

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