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A Little Old Spirit

Kailigh, MI, USA
June 2006

This is a story that was told to me by my father whom was told it by his older sister (my aunt). It was quite an experience from what I was told.

My aunt had lived in Hawaii for quite some time. On her way home (from where I am not sure) her van broke down. It was very late and dark out. There were no vehicles to be seen anywhere on the road. My aunt had no way to get ahold of anyone and was not sure what to do. She decided to try and fix the car herself. She pulled out the instruction manual and went to work. After what seemed like hours, she finally found the problem. She was missing one small part that the car wouldn't work without. Hoping that maybe the part had just fallen out somewhere nearby, she started to look all around on the road. After She had searched everywhere she could she started to get worried. As my aunt sat and thought of what to do she suddenly saw car lights shining on her (this was odd because she had not heard a car and never saw the lights until they were right in front of her). She looked up and saw an elderly man get out of the car. He walked up to my aunt and asked if he could help her. She told him her problem and about the tiny missing part. She doubted that the man would have what she needed but was in hope that maybe he might give her a ride home.
After hearing what was wrong with my aunts van, he walk back to his car. He picked something up off the passenger seat and walked back over to my aunt. He opened his hand and gave what was inside to my aunt. She couldn't believe it. it was the EXACT part that she needed. She thanked the man and talked with him for a few minutes. She asked him if she could get his name and address so she could find a way to repay him for his help. He willingly gave it to her and they said their goodbyes. The little old man got back in his car and drove away.
A week later, my aunt decided to send a letter to the man to thank him for his help and also put some money in the envelope. She sent it and was hoping to hear back from him. But a few days later she got her mail and found that the letter had been returned unopened. So my aunt decided that she should find the house and deliver the envelope herself and hopefully see the man again.
After a while she finally found the house and went up to the door. She knocked and a woman, maybe in her thirties, opened the door. She asked if the old man was there and the woman just looked at her for a second with a sad face. She then told my aunt that the man had died in a car accident a few months before. My aunt was astonished, partly because she had just seen the man not but a week or two ago and because the old man had died on the same road where my aunts car had broken down.
My aunt no longer lives in Hawaii but I'm sure she still sometimes wonders if the little old man still hangs around that same road, helping all its passersby.

Kailigh, MI, USA
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