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A Little Reassurance

Becce, NE Lincolnshire, UK
March 2003

I have had a few supernatural experiences in my 16 years of life. Some times the things that happen are nice and make me feel loved and special to me, whilst others are terrifying and creepy.

This particular story is a nice one, because it concerns my grandad and when he visited my boyfriend and I.

The wind was howling and rattling the windows. I pulled the cover further over my head as I hated storms. My boyfriend Kevin tried to comfort me because I was so close to peeing my pants as the lightning struck and the lights went out. Kev went to go see if the trip switch had gone again as it had so many times before, so I stayed alone in the dark with the storm for company.

I was still feeling frightened until I felt someone touch my shoulder and give it a reassuring squeeze. Thinking it was Kev, I turned round to ask him if he had found the problem. Only he wasn't there. No one was there. At all.

Feeling freaked, I flung myself under the cover (again) and started shaking. I started to panic as I felt the end of the sofa go down as if someone was sitting on it. I asked who it was, and there was no reply. I gathered all my strength and courage and flung the quilt off me. My boyfriend was standing in the doorway with his jaw on the floor and pointing right at the end of the sofa. I looked myself and there sat something that looked remotely like my dead granddad. I suddenly didn't feel scared. I knew that it was my granddad who had given me that reassuring squeeze.

Anyway my granddad looked at me, gave me a little wink and said that he would always be watching ad be with me and gave me the little nod that means I've chosen well.

Becce, NE Lincolnshire, UK
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