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A Long Walk Home

Liz, TX, USA
October 2001

For about 2 years, I lived near 10 miles from town in the country. We had a nice piece a pasture that was great for camping, so my twin sister and I invited two of our friends over to go camping.

We headed out to the far corner of the pasture, and picked out our place on top of the bluff. It was a really clear night, so my guest and I decided to sleep under the stars.

Kat (my twin) and her guest slept in the tent. Try as I might, I couldn't get to sleep. It was just too windy. Katelyn (my guest), crawled into the tent with the others, but I just decided to walk home. Now, our site was a good mile away from home, but the stars were out and I'd walked the familiar cattle trail hundreds of times. Besides, I had my dog, Sissy, and one of the dozens of mouse chasing cats with me. I walked along the fence line and talked to Sissy and my orange striped companion to keep my mind off the eerie feeling I had. As I walked I drew nearer and nearer to the telephone pole that marked the turning point to get on the dirt road. As I got closer I notice that Sissy and my cat had abandoned me. And there was an odd figure standing under the telephone pole. My heart froze. It was a woman, dressed in the style common to that of the mid-1800's. She had a bonnet on and I couldn't see her face until I got closer. Yes, I kept walking. For some odd reason I had no control over my legs. She was facing south, and I was walking west. When I saw her face I feel as though the world dropped from my feet. My legs got this feeling. The word that comes to mind when I think of it is white cold. She didn't have a mouth. Or a nose. But her eyes. Her eyes weren't eyes, they were huge pits in her head. But I just kept on looking at her. And walking. Thank God I kept walking. Shortly after I passed her my faithful companions reappeared. I told them about it and went over it with them. Silly, I know. But I needed something, anything to keep me from passing out. "Maybe it was a cow. A lot of them are black with white blotches on them. Maybe that was it" But cows don't sleep standing up. Horses do, but our one horse, Ears, was brown.

This still scares me just thinking about it. My friends didn't believe me. My twin did, though. I don't know what it was...But...God, it scared me.

Liz, TX, USA
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